071 | Setting the Mood for Your Business with Kelly McElroy

Kelly McElroy helps people with a passion showcase and market their talent as a brand designer at Star Castle Studio. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… ✨

In this episode, I’m chatting with Kelly McElroy, a ♉️ Taurus based in Florida, who has taken her experience working as a professional designer for the last 10 years for major brands such as Disney Parks, Zumiez, and Pac Sun, and created her own dream career helping fellow creatives brand their businesses online. We chat about the importance of creating a mood board for your brand in order to set the mood for what you want to create and manifest your ideas into a tangible reality.



  • How Kelly’s astrology chart beautifully reflects her calling to help make others’ creative ideas more tangible and real
  • The process of creating a mood board and the powerfully clarifying effects it can have on your business as well as your overall mindset as you promote yourself and expand your work out into the world
  • The importance of putting your best foot forward and making a good first impression with professional branding and how to know if you’re ready to go beyond creating your own graphics and hire on a designer



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  • Pinterest & Canva – Two free tools you can use to DIY your own mood board. Or, simply print off pictures and glue them on a board the old fashioned way!
  • Learn more about Kelly and her work at www.starcastlestudio.com or follow her on Instagram
  • Is your passion project ready for a designer? Take Kelly’s quiz if you’re wondering if you’re ready to hire a designer to help you brand your passion project!
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