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077 | Finding Your Tribe with your Moon Sign

Who are the people you are here to help serve? Believe it or not, your Moon Sign may hold the answer…  In this episode, we’re discussing how to overcome the confusion new business owners often face around deciding who…

Moon Magic

Working with Void Moons

Want to know the quickest & most efficient way to maximize your time in your life + career? AVOID the VOID. And by that, I mean the Void Moon. You may have seen me mention in my posts or forecasts…

How to Work in Tune with the Moon / Soulshine Astrology
Moon Magic

How to Work in Tune with the Moon

Want to know the #1 easiest way to align your life + career with the cosmos? Simply look up at the moon! Every 4 weeks or so, the moon visibly completes a full cycle from the New Moon to Full Moon.…