Have you been wondering if you’re really doing the right thing, or if you’re actually living up to your brightest & fullest potential?

Ever since the dawn of time, curious human beings have looked up to the stars for the soulful guidance & support of the universe to get answers to questions about everything under the sun; from love, to health, prosperity, and even how to find a fulfilling and purpose-fueled career.

And the stars show us that the work you do for a living does NOT just have to be that thing you do to pay your bills or put food on the table. That’s sooo boring… and so last century!

As funny, emotional & real humans living in 2024 – who were NOT born into this world just to be corporate robots or bottom-dollar minions – we can find the most enjoyment in our careers when we are fulfilling a personal calling (some even like to call it their soul purpose).

Luckily, instead of stumbling around in the dark hoping to find a light switch, you can tap into the magic of the universe through ASTROLOGY to find out exactly what your calling is, so you can finally give yourself permission to do what you were always born to do all along!

Hi, I'm

Natalie Walstein

As your new personal Career Astrologer, it’s my soul mission to help you expand your cosmic consciousness around your life + career, so you can collaborate harmoniously with the universe, and spread more of your personal brand of much-needed magic out into the world.

I know life may seem pretty unpredictable at times, but once you have the power of astrology as one of your TOP SECRET TOOLS, you can tap into the amazing ancient patterns & symbols to get crystal clear insight into how to navigate life here on earth with more clarity, confidence, ease, flow & enjoyment, just by uncovering the passion-fueled potential you’ve always had hidden inside you.

Let’s time travel among the stars together, so you can re-align yourself with the amazing career path you were always meant to walk, or better yet, so you can remind yourself that the universe has secretly been leading you there this whole time…

Discover your true calling.
Align your life + career with the cosmos.

About the

As an eternal seeker myself, I’m obsessed with tapping into the ancient wisdom of astrology to help spiritual entrepreneurs – and creative souls in need of direction – find their calling with the help of the cosmos.

I’m one part intuitive astrological counselor + one-part down-to-earth career coach.

With both my Sun & Moon in the dreamy Water sign of  ♓︎ PISCES and my 3rd house of Social Networking, I was born to dive down deeeep like a mermaid in order to uncover the ancient symbolic wisdom behind your birthday, and then float right back up to the surface to deliver clarifying messages of inspiration and encouragement from the cosmos to help you achieve your greatest potential.

However, with a total of 5 major planets sitting side-by-side in the practical Earth sign of  ♑︎ CAPRICORN and my 2nd house of Values, I’m also an ambitious entrepreneur and I know what it takes on a practical level to achieve a big dream. I’m all about making sure that everything I do in my career serves a larger purpose for myself & the world around me, and that is what I’d love to help you create for yourself, too!

xo Natalie

Now, let's find out what the stars have to say about you...

The Background Story

I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and went on to study at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada for Communication Design before running my own design studio as a graphic, web & magazine designer for creative entrepreneurs for 5 years. However, through the process of moving to Hawaii in 2015, having an intense near-death experience, and realizing I was truly meant to work with others on a deeper spiritual level through astrology when tapping into my own birth chart, I decided to make a major career change!

I felt drawn to focus primarily on the intersection of career coaching + astrological counseling because they allow me to combine my previous entrepreneurial experience with a more soul-centered path of discovery that is rooted in helping others find the unique way they were born to help serve the world.

In addition to having conducted sessions with thousands of clients from all over the world, I’m also the host of the podcast The Cosmic Calling. My first book, Find Your Cosmic Calling was recently published with Fair Winds Press on January 11, 2022 and can now be found from all major booksellers worldwide!

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