2020 Moon Journal

Celebrate every phase of your life with mindfulness. 🌙

The 2020 Moon Journal is newly improved to be the perfect addition to your New Moon & Full Moon ritual… and every phase in between. Track the major moon phases – now including quarter phases – while mindfully tracking your manifestations all year long. With special journal questions to ask yourself in keeping with the theme of each weekly moon phase of 2020, this is a wonderful way to celebrate your wins and release anything that is no longer serving you along the way to manifesting a more soulfully aligned life.


Inside the 2020 Moon Journal you’ll find:

  • A section on ‘Releasing 2019’ & ‘Welcoming 2020’ so you can start off the year with a clean slate
  • Exact moon phase dates and times for PT, ET, GMT & AEDT time zones
  • A monthly section on setting intentions, sharing gratitude, and spreading the love to raise your vibration and call in what you want to manifest next with clarity
  • Journal questions to help you get in touch with how you’re feeling on every New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon & Last Quarter Moon throughout the year, including descriptions of the themes coming up for each one so you can reflect, celebrate & release what is no longer serving you… all while following in tune with the moon!

As you go through this journal, you can easily check in with your goals & intentions with mindfulness to create a special ritual you can look forward to each week as you flow in alignment with your intuition using the cosmos as a guide.

Ready to make some magic in 2020?


Digital Edition:

$22 USD

  • 110 pages
  • 8.5 x 11 inches for easy printing
  • PDF Format
  • Digitally fillable forms

*A digitally fillable PDF will be e-mailed to you by December 1st. Use Adobe Acrobat to type your answers from your computer or print from home.

Print & Digital Edition:

$33 USD + Shipping

  • 110 pages
  • 7 x 9 inches
  • Hardcover Gold Wire Spiral Bound
  • Shipping varies by country (Calculated upon checkout)

*Orders will begin shipping out in late November. Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping depending on how far away you live from the central U.S. You’ll also receive the digital version in your inbox by December 1st.


Use the full power of the cosmos to your advantage to help you reach your most magical goals in 2020 by bundling!

2020 Moon Journal – Print Edition (with FREE SHIPPING!)

Create a weekly ritual to get in greater alignment with your soul’s desires by journaling with every major moon phase throughout the year. You’ll also receive the Digital Edition of both the 2020 Moon Journal & the 2019 Moon Journal so you can start using it right away!

Value: $49+ USD

2020 Yearly Forecast – eBook
(Delivered by Dec. 1st)

Get a head’s up on all of the major astrological energy that is incoming for this year and read special in-depth horoscopes for every zodiac sign explaining the specific opportunities & challenges that are in store for you, including how to navigate retrogrades, so you can harness the energy to your advantage in this 30+ page e-book

Value: $20.20 USD

2020 Plan Your Life & Career with the Cosmos Masterclass
(Live on Dec. 13th)

In this special 1-hour live online video workshop (with recorded replay), you’ll learn how to plan your year in alignment with your astrology chart while also using the collective energy to your advantage to give yourself the best possible opportunity to reach your most magical goals in 2020

Value: $99 USD

*RETURN POLICY: There are no returns available on digital products. If you would like to return the Print Edition, you can send back your unused 2020 Moon Journal in a hard envelope to receive a refund of the purchase price within 30 days of purchase. Please note that refunds are not applicable for bundled orders.

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