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055 | Astrocartography for Life + Career Success

If you’ve ever had a difficult decision to make about where to move or travel next, then astrocartography may be the solution you’ve been looking for… ✨ In this episode, I’m talking all about astrocartography which is the art of…


What if I don’t know my exact birth time?

Do you REALLY need to know your exact birth time to get an astrology reading? This is a question I am often asked… 🌟 Most people do seem to know what time they were born, however, there is definitely…

Astrology Podcast

001 | Finding Your Cosmic Calling

What is a cosmic calling and what does it take to find yours? How do you know that you found it? In the very first episode of the brand new weekly career astrology podcast, The Cosmic Calling, we are…


What is Astrocartography?

If you’ve ever had to face the decision of figuring out where you should move or even simply travel where you will have the best opportunities for life or career success, then you will absolutely love to know about…


How to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde

Ah yes, the dreaded Mercury Retrograde. We hear about it all the time. That’s because Mercury Retrograde occurs 3-4 times a year and lasts for about 3.5 weeks each time. Just when you thought you had survived one… another one…


Self-Care Tips for your Zodiac Sign

I’m sure the concept of putting your own mask on before others in the event of an airplane crash is a phrase that has become way overdone and cliche at this point, but the truth in this statement has never…

Sun Moon Rising Sign

Sun, Moon & Rising Sign 101

If you’re hoping to discover your calling and unlock your ideal life + career situation, there are many different points in your astrology chart that can be looked at to paint a complete picture of your inner nature. However,…

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