072 | Creating Sacred Daily Rituals for Success

What will it take to reach your highest potential of success & fulfillment? Small mindful actions built up day by day… ✨

In this episode, I’m discussing the importance of creating sacred rituals to set you up for soulful success on a daily basis and how you can create your own by learning how to prioritize your top 5 values in life.


  • What happens when we don’t have daily success rituals vs. when we do
  • How to cultivate a sacred daily ritual that will work best for you by narrowing down your top 5 priorities that bring you joy and weaving them into your morning first thing before you do any other work for the day
  • How the zodiac sign that rules our 6th house of Daily Routines may affect the type of rituals we need to create for ourselves in order to be able to remain consistent with them



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  • 2020 Moon Journal – Add this to your mindfulness practice to infuse your word of the year into each week & month
  • Insight Timer – Popular meditation app for customizing your meditation ritual to what suits you best
  • Free Monthly Moon Calendar & Moon Magic Guidebook – Learn how to track the moon as it moves through each of the zodiac signs & phases as you reflect on how you feel each day
  • Order Your Birth Chart – Don’t yet know where your 6th house of Daily Routines falls? Get a beautiful design of your birth chart to find out!
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Download a worksheet to create your own daily ritual for success and answer the questions presented throughout this episode by becoming a member of our Cosmic Calling Community.


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