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Learn Astrology & Cosmic Business Strategy

Level 1: Decoding Your Birth Chart

Find your cosmic calling by learning how to decode every aspect of your astrology chart!
$199 USD

Level 2: Planning with the Cosmos

Track the energy of the cosmos to plan your projects, reach your goals & manifest your dreams.
$199 USD

Level 3: Business Astrology

Learn how to plan, brand, and market your business with the guidance of the stars.
$199 USD
...or GET ACCESS TO ALL 3 LEVELS to save $98!

*Note: The Cosmic Calling Community is changing into standalone courses, and now you can access the platform AND the Cosmic Forecaster by purchasing one (or all) of the courses above. Existing memberships have not been affected.

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Professional Programs


Are you a spiritual entrepreneur with a dream
to start your own magical empire?

Learn how to use ASTROLOGY to create the business plan that was written in the stars for you. ✨

As inspired by the 12 zodiac signs, you will be taken through a process to design every aspect of your ideal business plan, from defining your mission to packaging your offerings, creating a marketing plan, streamlining & organizing your back end operations, and so much more. You’ll also get to meet & collaborate with other like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs for extra support and encouragement all along the way!


Become a confident certified professional astrologer!

Get expert guidance on how to create your own astrology practice and make money translating the magical wisdom of the cosmos.

You’ll learn how to create your own unique process for offering astrology readings, differentiating yourself from others in the field,  structuring your sessions, and staying ethical without interfering in your client’s soul lessons.

You will need to complete a minimum number of practice readings to receive your certification.


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