036 | Work/Life Balance for your Zodiac Sign

How can we take better care of ourselves based on our zodiac sign? 💫

In this episode, we’re talking about the infamous concept of the work/life balance, and how tuning into the unique energetic needs of our zodiac sign can help us feel more in sync with our bodies so we can do better work in the world – and feel good while we do it – without burning out along the way.

We cover:

  • My own personal struggles with lack of work/life balance and how I learned to overcome it (and you’ll also hear how it’s truly always a work in progress!)
  • How our illnesses can tell us where we’re out of balance and how we can look to our astrology chart to help us learn how we can heal from them
  • What each of the zodiac signs need to reset, refuel, and recharge their energy including relaxation practices, exercise tips, and aromatherapy ideas



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