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027 | Tapping into the Soul of Your Business with Kristen Jett

Kristen Jett is an intuitive business strategist and self-proclaimed Profit Priestess. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… 💫

In this episode, I’m chatting with Kristen Jett, a ♏️ Scorpio and spiritual business strategist who uses Human Design, the power of ritual, and million dollar attraction strategies to make selling feel sacred, aligned, and easy. We’re talking about all of the fascinating topics above as well as how she got into the work she does today and her magical tips for intuitively tapping into the soul of your business.

We cover:

  • How Kristen helps spiritual entrepreneurs transform to the next level by tuning into their soul gifts and working in alignment with who they truly are deep down
  • How she combined her experience working in corporate marketing with a more spiritual way of selling through starting her own business
  • What is the “soul” of your business, how does it differ from your own soul, and how can you tap into it to reconnect with what you’re truly meant to do?
  • What Human Design is and how it can give you the energetic blueprint of yourself and your business similarly to astrology so you can work in alignment with your natural energy flow
  • How Kristen uses Human Design, energetic rituals, and attraction marketing techniques to help her clients create greater clarity around selling their offerings with greater success
  • A sneak peek discussion at Kristen’s upcoming project around manifesting through fictional writing



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  • Learn more about Kristen’s work here: Instagram / Website / Facebook Group
  • The book Kristen quotes at the end: Brida by Paulo Coelho
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