021 | Turning Your Calling into a Course with Destinee Berman

Destinee Berman is a digital strategist for healers, holistic coaches, and spiritual business owners. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… 💫

In this episode, I’m chatting with Destinee Berman, a ♎️ Libra Sun, ♋️ Cancer Moon & ♑️ Capricorn Rising, about how she transformed 15 years of experience in Silicon Valley managing clients like Twitter, HP, and Microsoft into helping spiritual practitioners who shy away from charging for their spiritual and healing work get paid without selling out by packaging their calling into a course and her tips on how you can do the same.

We cover:

  • How you can approach marketing your work more intuitively rather than feeling slimy, salesy, cheesy or fake
  • How what Destinee does is beautifully reflected in her astrology chart
  • Destinee’s story of how she found her cosmic calling
  • Why she chose to leave corporate work and focus primarily on serving spiritual and healing practitioners
  • Why creating a course is an amazing way to affect and help way more people than you could by simply doing 1-on-1 work
  • Why becoming abundantly wealthy doesn’t have to mean you’re selling out
  • Destinee’s top tips for creating and launching your own course without getting super overwhelmed
  • The power of using your own voice and sharing your unique personality to market to your audience
  • The biggest things Destinee has learned from facilitating over 60+ launches for her clients
  • How to take the first steps to prepare to create your own course around your calling



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