Featured Career: Meet Cynthia Davidson, Intuitive Guide & Human Design Alchemist

Cynthia Davidson is an Intuitive Guide & Human Design Alchemist who helps those who are curious about connecting to their intuition and want to step into their power learn to use their intuitive gifts and manage their energetic field. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling…

  • Name: Cynthia Davidson
  • Business: Intuitive Essentials
  • Location: Northern Virginia, USA
  • Sun, Moon & Rising: ♈️ Aries Sun, ♈️ Aries Moon & ♌️ Leo Rising

What is your cosmic calling and why do you feel it is so important to you?

I believe my cosmic calling is to support others on their unique journey through intuitive guidance and introducing them to tools that will empower them in the healing of their own mind, body, and spirit.

Who is your ideal customer to work with and how do you help them?

My clients range from those simply curious about intuition and the movement and management of energy, to those wanting the benefit of the tools I utilize to take them to the next season on their path, to those ready to step into their power and learn to use their intuitive gifts and manage their energetic field.

What is a typical workday like for you?

Currently, I take up to four clients three days a week for intuitive guidance sessions, human design readings, emotion decoding sessions, and oracle card readings. I work another day or two developing new offerings that will begin to release as soon as I finish a chapter in my own wellness journey. I limit the number of clients when doing energy work to ensure I am vibing at a necessary higher frequency, which helps support the best outcomes.

What is your favorite thing about your work right now?

My favorite thing about my current work is witnessing the transformations and the realization that we are stronger than we are often aware and have all we need within us to heal. We often just need a bit of guidance to spark the knowing.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome along your journey to becoming a spiritual entrepreneur?

The greatest challenge had to be surrendering to my gifts and becoming open to sharing publicly. In this season of my journey, the challenge has been finding like-minded individuals to connect with as we collectively grow. That is an aspect of the Cosmic Calling Community I find so beneficial.

What’s next for you?

I am so eager to close my wellness journey so that I have the energy to complete several offerings I’ve had in the works. One is my HD Pathfinder, a guide to better understanding your unique human design – focusing on the aspects that are most actionable in one’s chart.

Another upcoming offering is Team Dynamics by Design for small businesses to move their collective team energy from not just surviving, but thriving by ensuring individuals are placed in roles that allow their innate human design strengths to shine.

How did you first become interested in astrology and how has it helped you in your life & career?

I’ve been drawn to astrology for as long as I can remember – seeking a better understanding of myself. A friend of the family gifted me a write up of my chart at an early age. I’ve invested in several others since, as well as a host of readings – always intrigued by the nuances and different nuggets shared by varied practitioners.

The past few years, astrology has helped affirm my chosen business and the direction I am taking my work with clients. Spiritual health and wellness work isn’t “mainstream” and can be daunting while feeling quite lonely. I’ve found my astrology learnings to be a comforting reassurance that I’m on the right path.

What is your favorite feature of the Cosmic Calling Community?

Oh my! So hard to choose just one. I’d have to say the business courses. These have helped me tremendously as a spiritual entrepreneur, lending a perspective not found in most traditional business astrology classes. I have to add that I use the Cosmic Forecaster almost daily.

Find out more about Cynthia’s work as an Intuitive Guide & Human Design practitioner here:

Cynthia is a member of the Cosmic Calling Community where you can learn more about how to discover your life’s work with astrology among a community of like-minded deep-diving soul-seekers like her!

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