082 | Rising Up as a Lightworker with Stephanie Powers

Stephanie Powers is the host of Lightworkers Lounge, one of the top podcasts on spirituality today. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… ✨

In this episode, I’m having a casual conversation with Stephanie Powers, a ♐️ Sagittarius based in Austin, Texas, who started a podcast called Lightworkers Lounge where she talks honestly and transparently about her life’s struggles which has now grown exponentially up the podcast charts in the Spirituality category since early 2018. Together, we talk about what it means to be a lightworker and how we can each do this in our small but special way.



  • What a lightworker is and what some of the biggest misconceptions are of people who identify with being a lightworker or who have been given this so-called label
  • Stephanie’s journey of realizing she was a lightworker and how this inspired her to start her podcast
  • How Stephanie’s calling is beautifully reflected in her astrology chart and how it is continuing to evolve as her Career Zone is lit up by 3 major planets this year

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