065 | Standing Out as a Starseed in Business with Rakai’el Webb

Rakai’el Webb is a Lemurian Priestess, Sound Alchemist, Astrologer, and the founder of Soul Star Medicine. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… ✨

In this episode, I’m chatting with Rakai’el Webb, a ♑️ Capricorn based on Maui, who is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur working with creatives and entrepreneurs who struggle to find the clarity & courage to let their magic out into the world by remembering who they are on a spiritual level.


  • How Rakai’el came out of the spiritual closet and her journey from being a website designer at General Electric, to eventually becoming an acupuncturist, and now doing the magical work she does today
  • Creating a business as a multi-passionate entrepreneur simply by following what lights you up and helps you and then sharing it with others as you go along your own journey
  • What it means to be a starseed & what the deal is with Lemuria (and why these things matter!)
  • How to amplify your message through Instagram the New Age way and how realizing that you are “not really the chef, you are the caterer” can empower you to show up and share your work more boldly and courageously



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  • Learn more about Rakai’el and her work including her courses on Instagram Prosperity, Sound Healing, and Remembering Lemuria at soulstarmedicine.com
  • Follow her on Instagram at @iamrakaiel
  • Resources mentioned:
    • Keoni Hanalei – Grandson of a powerful medicine woman who has continued passing on indigenous wisdom through his work with fern botanicals (from the story on the source of the Wailuku River)
    • Lee Carroll – Channeler of Kryon
    • #magictribe – Hashtag for finding magical posts & accounts on Instagram
    • Danielle Noel – Creator of the Moonchild Tarot & Starchild Tarot
    • ‘Iao Valley – Magical place in Maui for connecting with Lemurian frequencies
    • Earth – Book by Barbara Marciniak
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