064 | Honoring Your Intuition with Monica the Medium

Monica the Medium is an extraordinarily gifted spirit medium. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… ✨

In this episode, I’m chatting with Monica Ten-Kate, a ♑️ Capricorn who was formerly the star of her own TV series, about her career journey and her tips for soulpreneurs who want to make a living with their spiritual gifts without losing their sanity, as well as how to honor & celebrate your intuition more no matter who you are.


  • Monica’s journey to becoming a medium and what it was like coming out of the “medium closet” and learning to process and eventually embrace her intuitive gifts
  • The biggest lessons she has learned as an entrepreneur after leaving TV & the importance of setting boundaries as people pleaser and empath
  • What the process was like for writing her book and creating her oracle deck for other fellow empaths and why she has created them
  • Using your empathic abilities to become more aware of the signs & messages that Spirit, loved ones who have passed, and the universe are trying to give you



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