Working with Void Moons

Want to know the easiest & most efficient way to maximize your time in your life + career? AVOID the VOID. And by that, I mean the Void Moon. You may have seen me mention in my posts or forecasts that these are the absolute worst times to move forward on productive tasks.

But what does this really mean, and why does it happen? In this post, I’m going to take a moment to lay it all out for you so you can understand this strange phenomenon on a more practical level and learn to use Void Moons to your advantage in your life + career.


What is a Void Moon?

A Void Moon is actually a shorter phrase for a ‘Void of Course’ moon. As the moon moves into a new sign in the zodiac every 2.5 days or so, there is an energy break in between signs when the moon is not making any “aspects” or connections with any of the other planets.

You see, the Moon is like a big, magical satellite. Normally, it reflects the energies from the other planets and zaps them down to us on Earth… except during a Void Moon!

It’s usually up to the Moon to trigger events in our lives and move us forward, but during a Void Moon there is no energy to trigger the events along. It’s like all that energy is just floating in space!

A Void Moon can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 20+ hours depending on the current configuration of the planets in relation to the Moon, and during this time, plans tend to go awry. You can sort of think of it like a mini Mercury Retrograde!

Launches, marketing promotions, and presentations fall flat, your meetings go nowhere (or worse, you get stood up!), shopping trips result in a trip back to the ‘Returns’ desk or coupons can get denied, and it is generally quite difficult to move forward in a productive manner on most things you’re working on, unless it has to do with following a normal routine, cleaning up or decluttering, or finishing up something you’ve already started.

For instance, I no longer allow my astrology readings to be scheduled during Void Moons because there almost always tends to be scheduling issues or miscommunications. Since I want my astrology readings to be as helpful & powerful as possible, I skip the Void Moons at all costs!


diy marble moon phase wall hanging / via almost makes perfect.


How to Work with Void Moons

Obviously, it’s important to know about Void Moons, because if you have a lot going on in your life + career, you can’t really afford to spend your time doing things that won’t matter in the long run. So, what are you supposed to do instead?

Void Moons are generally actually very GOOD times for going within and meditating, reflecting on the past, journaling, resting, or taking a long lunch to casually catch up with established friends or family since there is usually no special agenda present in these types of interactions.

Look at Void Moons as a permission slip to take off work early for the day, have an extra long morning coffee break, or give yourself the go ahead to move on to something more relaxing instead of pushing through a project that probably won’t end up working out that day anyways.

Void Moons can also be good for following a normal maintenance routine, and that includes cleaning or straightening up (since those things have to be done on a consistent basis anyways), as well as traveling by bus, plane or any other form of transportation that runs on a set schedule the driver already follows every day.

The good news about Void Moons is that you no longer have to beat yourself up when things aren’t going your way! It really proves that not so great things happen to all of us for a reason, and NO ONE is exempt from this blow at our attempts to seem ‘perfect’ and like we have it all together all the time (it just isn’t true, anyways!).

You just don’t want to plan anything important on or during the Void Moon… and that includes advertising promotions (like Instagram & Facebook posts or newsletters where you are offering something for sale!), client meetings, shopping trips for big ticket items, trying to make major decisions, committing to new things or starting something you literally just thought of during the Void Moon, or working on scheduling, planning, or discussing a new project you have high hopes for. Even if something seems like a good idea at the time, chances are these types of ventures won’t have the extra oomph behind them to help it turn into a successful reality.

So, how can you find out when the moon will be “void of course” next?


*Note: This calendar is in PST time zone.

  • You can follow along with ALL of the Void Moon times for your time zone by becoming a member of the Cosmic Calling Community to get a Google/iCalendar add-on to make it easier to plan out your week & block off the Void Moons so that your clients cannot book in meetings or sessions with you during these times
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49 Responses

49 Responses

  1. So fascinating. I had planned to send a pitch email to a magazine this Tuesday but I see now that there is a void moon from 11 am to 3 pm (ish) that day. Would you still send it before 11, or is it not a good idea in case the recipient opens and reads it during the void moon time?

    1. Ooh, yes. You could do it before 11! It’s just not the best for starting/sending things. For example, I never schedule readings during a Void Moon and I don’t post to social media either because it usually won’t have the effect I’m hoping for! But anytime before/after the void time is usually okay – 11-3 pm is a fairly short one so it should be fine. Good luck! :)

      1. I’m in the same situation but this is for a lease. I’d like to submit my application before the moon goes void but then am concerned that the agent will open it during the moon void therefore making it null and void. Overthinking it a tad but it means a lot.

        Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for the great article!

        1. The idea here is that you are the one who has an agenda in this situation, so that’s why it’s good for you not to submit it during a Void Moon. In the end, we can’t control anyone but ourselves. Sometimes when things don’t work out it’s not because we did it at the wrong time but because it wasn’t meant to, so it’s good to do your part and then trust what the Universe has in store for you from there – whether it works out or not! <3

          1. Thank you so much! And you’re totally right. We can’t control other people or every outcome. What will be will be! Xx

  2. I forgot today had a void mood and learned a portion of a dance I wanted to use for an audition for a talent agency. Did i ruin the dance and its energy? Should I now find a new dance to audition for the talent agency with??

    1. Hi Daisy! Avoiding void moons is more important when it comes to making on a whim decisions of completely new things you want to start. It sounds like you were already planning to audition anyway, right? So if you like the dance, it should be fine! I have mainly just decided not to plan meetings or workshops on those days, but I’ve also had days where I am able to wrap up a lot of old projects and get a lot done because nothing else is distracting me like it usually would be. Today I also found a solution to a problem I had for a long time. So, all this to say, use it to your discretion! I prefer to use it for planning things in advance and simmering on ideas I’ve already come up with before the void moon started which it sounds like you have done when working on your audition.

  3. Hi, is it ok to travel/take a flight on the moon VOC? i’m scheduled to fly home after almost 9 months, would you suggest changing the travel day to a non moon VOC date, i.e the next day? It’s a connecting flight with a relatively short gap between changing planes so am a bit concerned!

  4. Thank you so much for this article. I’m very new in all the astrological things, and your blog is clear, really helpful. I’ve just received the january calendar, gonna print it to follow me the all next month.
    Thank you for your amazing job, from France :)

  5. Hi. What is your opinion of signing a house rental lease during Moon Void of Course that you really don’t want to be bound by anyway? I am required to sign a lease but would prefer to just rent it without a lease and have freedom from it, so maybe its good to sign the lease during Moon Void of Course? I already know this place will be a short term only place. It is not a place I will be staying long term. It is just the best I can find for now and a lease is required. What is your opinion of signing important documents like lease during Moon Void of Course that you don’t want to be bound by. Thank you for your time!

      1. Hi Natalie. I wanted to get back to you about what happened when I signed a rental lease during Moon Void of Course. It worked out in my favor! Its true that it helped me not get tied into the lease! What happened was that my 6 month lease is almost up, and I am moving in a few months out of the area. I asked my property manager if I could just go month to month after the lease is up because I am moving out of the area in a few months and she said yes no problem at all! So when I signed it, I knew I didn’t want to be bound by it, and that turned out to be true! I will be fulfilling the initial lease but after that I’m free! And this is for a company that always has leases. Just wanted to let you know what happened. Thanks for your kind responses.

  6. I received a signed job offer during void moon, I waited until the moon returned to its normal course, I accepted and signed it but I don’t know if the manager signed it during the void moon though. I haven’t heard anything yet from the company, of course it’s been two days only but it seems off. I will send an email to the manager but I wonder if this won’t have the results I wished for, I really need this job.

    1. Remember that there is a divine plan at play that is bigger than you, whatever is truly meant for you will not pass you by, and it’s best not to worry about things that are outside of your control. As long as you did your best and observed the Void Moon on your side, then it’s up to the universe now. Although I’m not sure where you are located, keep in mind it is a holiday week so hiring can be a bit slower.

  7. I made the decision to buy a house (as an investment) during VOC, I put the deposit and signed contract after VOC though. Will this affect the investment’s profit? The purchase procedure was more prolonged than expected and there were issues with the bank but I completed the purchase. Now I’m so worried about the profit of this investment, what is your opinion on this? Thank you very much for your time

  8. Hi. I have been looking for a new job for a while and finally got an interview that is scheduled during Moon Void of Course. I tried to ask for a different time, but they said that was the only time available. Does this mean that this job won’t work out for me? I feel so bummed that it is scheduled during Moon Void of Course. Is it guaranteed this job won’t work out for me because Moon will be Void of Course for the interview? There is nothing I can do about rescheduling it. Thanks for any input you have regarding this. All the websites say to avoid scheduling a job interview during that time, but is that realistic? Most often, you are told when to come to an interview and you have no choice. It annoys me that everyone says just avoid going to a job interview at all during Moon Void of Course. Yeah, but what if you have been looking for a job for a long time and that is the only time you can go to the interview? Often you can’t control life or when things are scheduled. I wish more could be written on working with Moon Void of Course energies when important things are scheduled during that time and you have no control over when they are scheduled. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know about Moon Void of Course. I think I would worry less and maybe go with the flow of life more. :)

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I understand your concern, however, a Void Moon during your interview could simply mean that even if you get the job, it’s not likely to last a long time or contribute to the big picture of your life other than paying your bills for a while which is not such a bad thing. Try not to overthink it! If you want a new job, you’ll need to put yourself out there, so even if this is just practice it’ll still be valuable. I like to think that astrology helps us see that everything happens for a reason and that the Universe knows where it’s taking us – we just need to trust!

  9. Hi Natalie, you have a lot of good content here. I have a question about yesterday’s void moon. So l thought about being an auto broker a while ago and looked into the logistics of it. However, during the void moon yesterday. Opportunities arouse and the ideas were plenty. I started making plans and discussing with future business partners my desires. Last night l was about to invest money into this dream career and then l thought to check to make sure the moon was not void. Unfortunately, it was void so now l am not sure if l should ever move forward with this idea or maybe just not right now. But when? Would it ever be possible to move forward with this action? Oh by the way, before l knew that a void moon existed, l got married on a void moon. Currently separated and pending a divorce. Just thought that was funny because this universe makes me smile :) Namaste

    1. Hi Erica! Wow, very interesting about your Void Moon marriage. Of course it’s possible to move forward – if it is still feeling like a good idea to you and you’ve thought it all through, just aim for a time when the moon is not void and you should have better luck. :)

  10. I love this post. Very helpful. May I ask your opinion on something- would meeting up with an ex to talk about things/feelings be bad or good during a void moon? I don’t believe we will make any solid decisions to make up or stay broken up, We just want to meet up and talk about what went wrong and how we feel etc. we planned this last week already. I’m antsy about waiting any longer, but if we still meet up tomorrow and it goes well, I’m scared everything we say to eachother won’t stick. The moon is void almost all day tomorrow unfortunately. Also… we broke up during a void moon a month ago. Haha.

  11. What if an idea comes to your head during a void moon, and you ask someone about it and they say do it. Does that mean that if I go forward with it I will experience delays because of the conversation?

    1. We actually tend to get a lot of good ideas during a Void Moon because we are able to ‘go within’ and hear our intuition a bit more loudly without such a strong influence coming from the moon. Void Moons don’t seem to affect thoughts & ideas, but rather the action, so you wouldn’t want to start the project on the Void Moon but it’s okay to talk about it and brainstorm ideas. Just be sure to think your decision through a little bit more when the moon is not void to make sure it still sounds like a good plan!

  12. Thank you soooo much for this!! I do have one question if you don’t mind: I found what I think is as much of a perfect a wedding date as I’ll get (waxing Cancer moon, Pisces Venus, no retrogrades, Jupiter in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces, planning for 3 pm to get a Leo ascendant). However, just found out that Void moon starts at 7:25pm that evening. If the marriage ceremony takes place at 3, is it okay that the reception will possibly still be happening after the moon goes void? Or does the void ONLY apply to the actual ceremony start time? That is where I’m confused/concerned.

  13. Thank you for your helpful article ! I just found your page looking up void of course & what impact that night have on psychic readings. I work as a psychic and wondered why I was struggling with my last reading – this could well be why the energy was so convoluted! I shall avoid bookings during VoC times from now on! Great advice! xox

  14. Hi Natalie, great article and thread. My house signing has been scheduled during an upcoming VoC, and I wonder if that means I should ask for it to be rescheduled. It’s taken a lot of effort to get to this point, and it would probably cause a lot more work to reschedule it. Any advices for how to balance this? Can I make an offering to the moon and ask for her blessing? I noticed that the Sun is transiting over my natal moon that same day, so it feels like there may be some moon energy shining in other ways. Curious how you’d approach it. Thank you!

  15. Good morning! My name is Rhonda, I wanted to apply for a loan when is a a good time before void or on void? Also im going through a situation with my Aunt that is trying to take my house from me. She was very deceitful sign my name onto a deed that I didn’t know of. Please help this is my home. Thank you for your response. Love Light and Blessings to you and your family 🌻

  16. Hi Natalie! I’m getting married in a few weeks and I just noticed our ceremony is during a Void Moon. I’m so upset! I can’t change it at this point. Is there a possibility this isn’t all bad news?

    1. Hi Michelle! Honestly, it only has as much power as you choose to give it. It could be a few small things that don’t go to plan, but it doesn’t mean that your wedding is doomed or anything major like that. (Keep in mind that some people are born during a Void Moon and that definitely doesn’t mean they won’t amount to anything in life!)

  17. Thank you for this article. I don’t know where else to leave this comment to get it noticed. I am not getting your monthly calendars reliably. I have signed up multiple times under multiple email addresses. I really like your calendar the best. I’m not a member of your coven because I’m already a member of a different covent at the moment, but I bought a chart reading and am a big supporter of your work. Please help me get your awesome calendar every single month!

  18. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been working on my website all day and it was just glitch after glitch. I was wanting to finish and launch it today & I was so frustrated with everything. Checked the charts and your calendar and wa-lah! There it is. Now I don’t feel so dumb and I can have a nice evening with my family without worry. Mahalo!!

  19. What about scheduling a weekly event? I’d like to schedule and lead a 4-week course that meets the same time and day every week, but I can’t find 4 weeks without a void moon overlapping the time on one of the days! Is it a bad idea to do this then? Any other scheduling suggestions?

    1. I usually opt not to do events on the same day/time each week because of this, but I always think it’s great to run your own experiments and see if you notice any differences when you run it on a Void Moon vs. not so you can tell the difference for yourself if it was worth it or not.

  20. It’s 2023, this is very helpful post. I just wanted to ask if there is a difference in the schedule calendar of the moon VoC between sidereal or tropical astrology? Because from my research, they are different. Honestly, I’m a little worried because we have a flight in March next year and I’m not sure if the moon is on VoC. Add to that the preshadow phase of Mercury retrograde. I feel like I will worry about it for a year. :(

    1. I use Tropical Astrology. I wouldn’t worry too much about taking a flight as the flight schedule is one that the pilot and airline follows on a consistent basis. So, travel is usually fine. It’s just that I probably wouldn’t decide to take a trip or book in the flight while the moon was void. No worries though – it’s usually never anything serious!

  21. Hi there,
    I have been planning to sell my house for quite a while and have been working with the same realtor for almost a year. I realized that I signed the contract yesterday to work with her, during the void! Will this be a problem?

  22. Hi. I’m so scared because I got a new job that is very important to me and it starts during moon void of course, and the start date can’t be changed. What can you do in this instance? I guess just hope everything turns out ok! Sometimes you can’t avoid the moon void of course because you can’t control everything. The date I start has good astrological aspects though (Mercury trine Neptune and Venus trine Pluto). So I have that going for me. I guess its just one of those things you have to let go of and just see how it goes.

    1. Hi Elizabeth. That’s fine! The idea is that it’s not a good idea to come up with an idea during the Void Moon and to take action on it in that moment. For example, if you just found out about the job during a void moon and applied for it right then. There are going to be many void moons at work and they can’t be avoided – they are good times for “business as usual” – just not for making major leaps in a new direction that was thought of in that moment. I hope this makes sense.

  23. Hi Natalie thank you for your kind reply. I applied, interviewed and accepted the job under a “good” moon so hopefully that will help even though I start the job during moon void of course. The job is a one year limited term position that will probably get extended so the astrology of it will change too. I will update later if I have any realizations about how starting the job during a void moon affected things. I love this blog thanks!

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