063 | Reinventing Yourself as a Spiritual Entrepreneur with Helene Saucedo

Helene Saucedo spreads the ancient art of palmistry with a modern twist as a hand analyst at Handful of Stars. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling…

In this episode, I’m chatting with Helene Saucedo, a double ♋️ Cancer who went through a major transformation in her life where she reinvented herself and then went on to reinvent the ancient art of palmistry to make it more approachable, fun, and easier for the modern babe to understand by reading palms out of a traveling vintage camper van and publishing a hand printing kit meets guidebook for those who would like to take the power of palmistry into their own hands. ;)


  • Helene’s transition from being a designer & art director into a more mystical career path and the biggest things she has learned about being a spiritual entrepreneur
  • How following her intuition has played a part in helping her make business decisions that come from her heart
  • How palmistry works, how it connects with astrology, and what you can find out about yourself from having your palms read
  • Her top tips for anyone wanting to make it on their own as someone who is taken seriously as a spiritual entrepreneur in a more mystical field



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