061 | Stopping Energy Leaks with Robin Scott

Robin Scott is a social worker turned creative entrepreneur who supports empaths in understanding themselves & following their calling. Here’s how she found hers…

In this episode, I’m chatting with Robin Scott of The Diary of an Empath, a ♉️ Taurus based in Canada, who turned her desire to work closely with others into a blog – and then a business – after a short career in social work left her feeling unfulfilled, underpaid, and feeling like she was in the total wrong place. We discuss her journey into embracing her gifts as an empath and how you can use your sensitivity as a gift while creating a business you love as long as you put solid strategies in place to support you.


  • The importance of grounding your energy as an empath in order to root yourself in the present moment and find stability
  • Robin’s journey from being a social worker to starting a blog and eventually turning it into a business
  • How the higher and lower chakras come into play in running a soul-fueled business in flow with both your masculine structural foundation & feminine intuitive insights
  • How to become an empowered empath rather than seeing it as being a burden



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