051 | Activating Your Voice with Noelani Love

Noelani Love is a native Hawaiian musician & crystal jewelry designer who is activating and empowering the world to awaken to their divine power. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… ✨

In this episode, I’m chatting with an inspiring  ♍️ Virgo living on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii about her journey from a shy, quiet girl to a strong woman on a mission to  spread wisdom and teachings on how others can tap into their divine power through her work as a musician, crystal jewelry designer, kundalini yoga instructor, birth doula, and so much more.

We cover:

  • How your words have the power to alter and create your reality
  • How Noelani’s birth chart beautifully reflects her message & journey
  • Tips on how you can activate your voice using mantras, singing, affirmations, journaling, podcasting, and… childbirth? ;)



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  • Learn more about Noelani Love’s crystal jewelry at noelanihawaii.com
  • Hear her beautiful music on Spotify or iTunes
  • Follow her on Instagram @noelanihawaii & @noelanilove
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