044 | Tuning into Your Inner Wisdom with Joanna Hennon

Joanna Hennon is a Soul Smart Success Mentor who helps people use their intuition to create more success with more ease. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling…

In this episode, I’m chatting with Joanna Hennon, a ♐️ Sagittarius based in Belgium, who is on a mission to help doers and thinkers become more intuitive so they can create the success they desire with less struggle and more ease. We talk about her journey coming from an academic background to becoming a soulful success teacher and her tips for learning to tune in and trust your inner knowing as well as how to use it to create a more fulfilling life & career.

We cover:

  • How astrology is really just the blueprint to the intuition you already hold within you
  • What it really means to be “Soul Smart” and how using your intuition and actually following up on your inner nudges plays into that
  • How Joanna learned to trust her inner knowing through an intuitive art class taught in a different language
  • How aligning with your intuition is really just about getting to know yourself more and thinking with your heart & brain in harmony
  • The amazing benefits of honing on your intuition and some helpful techniques you can use to practice harnessing it, distinguishing it, and learning to trust and take action on what you hear



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