Are you ready to become a confident professional astrologer with a thriving online practice?

You are someone who is mystified by the magic of the universe and enchanted by the language of the stars. You are empathic and sensitive to energy and notice the many ways the cosmos shift and shape our world.

What if you could FEEL CONFIDENT IN YOUR ABILITY TO gift this wisdom & deliver clarifying messages from the cosmos to others? ✨


You’re craving a rewarding, flexible career where you can share spiritual wisdom with others to transform their lives, help them better understand who they are, and become their most authentic selves in their life & work.

You’ve dreamed of becoming a professional astrologer, but maybe you’re worried you don’t know enough to provide powerful astrology readings & personal forecasts to paying clients in a way you can feel comfortable with and confident about.

You’re passionate about becoming a full-time professional astrologer – or – perhaps you’re already a healer, life/business coach, yoga teacher, psychic medium, tarot reader, or even a brand designer and you want to add a new modality to your toolkit to serve your clients in an even more powerful way!


Give professional astrology readings to help others discover who they really are and how they can better align their life with their soul blueprint.

Feel confident translating the language of the universe in a way that is ethical and feels natural, intuitive, and true to your unique voice & perspective!

Provide accurate personal forecasts that help your clients understand what they’re growing through and how they can navigate upcoming cosmic shifts.

Write horoscopes & collective forecasts that resonate with your online audience and provide clarity & insight to guide them on their path.

Be mentored by a successful professional astrologer who has experience working with thousands of clients from many different countries and walks of life.

Earn money from a location-independent online business that can support you no matter where you or your clients are in the world.

Now you can... by becoming a Soulshine-certified professional astrologer! 💫

Meet Your Mentor

Hi! I’m Natalie Walstein and I’ve been a full-time professional astrologer since 2016.

I remember when I first fell in love with astrology… and I fell hard. In fact, it was all I wanted to do instead of my actual work. I can’t tell you how relieved and joyful I felt when I finally ventured to ask myself the question, “What if I just did what I really want to do… and became an astrologer?”

Since then, I have conducted *literally thousands* of astrology readings for clients all over the world, as my full-time job, while attracting a booked out calendar of clients due to my intuitive ability to read astrology charts & share my message in a unique way.

Now i can't wait to share with you everything i know about helping & healing others with astrology!

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LESSON 1: Understanding Ethics & Pre-Reading Preparations

Working with someone’s soul blueprint is a sacred practice. It’s important to honor your client’s free will without interfering in their karma or making choices for them. We’ll kick off the program by talking about the importance of being an ethical reader. Then, we’ll discuss how to set expectations with your clients both before & during the call so that you both feel comfortable and on track with the desired outcomes of the reading.

LESSON 2: Creating Your Reading Structure

A big part of your success in conducting an astrology reading will be based on how well you prepare beforehand. In this lesson, we’ll talk about designing your own unique reading structure so you can feel more confident, organized, and prepared to provide readings in a way that aligns with your energy & focus and gives the client only what they most need to know.

LESSON 3: Intuitive Chart Reading

Learn how to read an astrology chart using your intuition instead of always turning to your notes to know what to say. In this lesson, we’ll break down how to tie everything together on someone’s chart as a whole to uncover the insights they most need at that moment to move forward toward their goals and how to “feel” the planets in your body as you speak about them. There will also be an opportunity to practice with a real chart as a group! After this session, Practice Readings may begin.

LESSON 4: Personal Forecasting (Techniques & Ethics)

Being able to forecast someone’s future is a great way to add even more value to an astrology reading. Adding a forecast portion to your readings can also help guide them on their next steps going forward regarding what to focus on after the session to integrate what they have learned. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to tell someone about their future without freaking them out, overwhelming them, or making their all-important life decisions for them.

LESSON 5: Writing Horoscopes & Collective Forecasts

Attract clients that resonate with your voice and unique take on astrology by writing about astrology in a compelling, meaningful way. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to write horoscopes & forecasts from scratch so that your audience can get a taste of your flavor & perspective of astrology. You’ll also be able to strategize your own unique way of providing them if this is indeed something you would like to offer in the future!

LESSON 6: Final Runthrough & Q+A

Finally, we’ll complete the program with an open, honest, and down-to-earth Q+A discussion. This is where you can ask any questions you have about astrology or becoming a successful professional astrologer. We’ll also run through one final practice reading together using a random student’s chart so you can get a feel for the whole process from start to finish and ask any questions you have along the way.


In addition to completing 100% of this program, you will also be required to conduct at least 6 practice sessions in your unique style to receive your certificate:

  • At least 3 of these sessions must be done live 1-on-1 over Zoom or recorded with your client in-person.
  • The others may be written reports or pre-recordings if you prefer. (For example: You could start with a written report if you’re more comfortable with this in the beginning.)


You will also be asked to submit the recording of your favorite Practice Session for your final assessment.

Once you complete all requirements, you'll receive:

A professionally printed certificate in the mail & a badge you can place on your website to show that you are indeed a trusted, proven astrologer!

Placement in the *NEW* Soulshine-Certified Astrologer Online Directory on our website where you’ll be able to receive direct client referrals

A bonus 90-minute masterclass on How to Create a Thriving Online Astrology Practice: Selling Your Readings & Attracting a Consistent Flow of Clients

To further support you in mastering astrology...

You'll also receive a 1-year subscription to the Cosmic Calling Community!

The Cosmic Calling Community contains over 40+ astrology lessons that cover all of the basics from decoding a birth chart to more advanced classes on forecasting with astrology and even strategizing with business astrology

New classes and live Q+A’s are held every month so you can learn everything there is to know about becoming a confident astrologer and ask your burning astrology questions anytime!

You’ll have a full year of access to the community to work through these *optional* classes at your own pace so you can continue to improve the accuracy and depth of your astrology readings. After that, you can choose to renew your subscription to stay connected if you wish.


(Scroll back up to read Levels 2 & 3.)


  • COURSE BEGINS: March 22, 2023
    Doors close & the program begins! However, you can start diving into the astrology lessons in the Cosmic Calling Community as soon as you sign up.
  • LESSON 1: March 26, 2023
    Understanding Ethics & Pre-Reading Preparations
  • LESSON 2: April 8, 2023
    Creating Your Reading Structure
  • LESSON 3: April 22, 2023
    Intuitive Chart Reading & Practice Sessions Begin
  • LESSON 4: May 6, 2023
    Personal Forecasting (Techniques & Ethics)
  • LESSON 5: May 20, 2023
    Writing Horoscopes & Collective Forecasts
  • LESSON 6: June 3, 2023
    Final Runthrough & Q+A
  • COURSE PLATFORM CLOSES: March 20, 2024 
    All Practice Sessions & Final Assessments must be turned in before the course platform closes.
You'll have a total of 12 months to complete this program if needed.

Ready to become a confident professional astrologer with a thriving online practice?

You’re about to blow your clients’ minds with accurate astrology readings that show that them you truly understand them better than they even understand themselves!

Doors close on March 21, 2023 and will not re-open again until this time in 2024.


One-time payment of

$3,333 USD

FLEXIBLE payment plans

6 x monthly payments of

$599 USD

or 9 x monthly payments of

$399 USD

*Please keep in mind that you won’t be eligible to receive your certification benefits until paid in full.


Doors close for Astro Pro Certification in

do you have any questions?

Feel free to reach out at info@soulshineastrology.com

My promise to you...

I believe that anyone can learn astrology, but not everyone can be successful as a professional astrologer… unless they have the right support.

As your mentor, I will be present to answer your questions and provide feedback during our live calls and in the student forum nearly every day in between calls.

While I am happy to share transparently about my experiences working with amazing clients & difficult clients (and everything in between), it’s important to me that I don’t just share with you how to be an astrologer according to how *I* do it, but also to show you how to find what feels best and works best for you according to your soul blueprint and the desired outcome of your work.

Where do YOU want to be in a few months from now?



In just a few months from now… you could be booking in real paying clients and delivering amazing results for them that bring in glowing testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals, so you can work from anywhere in the world doing what you love. Are you ready for this to become your reality? 💫



I am ready to become a confident professional astrologer with a thriving online practice!

Help your dream clients find their true purpose, and love and honor themselves more for who they truly are, by translating the stars in a way they can finally grasp and understand.

Doors close on March 21, 2023 and will not re-open again until this time in 2024.


One-time payment of

$3,333 USD

FLEXIBLE payment plans

6 x monthly payments of

$599 USD

or 9 x monthly payments of

$399 USD

*Please keep in mind that you won’t be eligible to receive your certification benefits until paid in full.


Doors close for Astro Pro Certification in


If you love astrology and you are truly passionate about becoming a professional, you can find great success from this program. (Did you know that I started working as an astrologer after only a month of taking my first astrology class? Yep, I was that obsessed.)

The best way to become an amazing astrologer is by diving in and practicing as you go! The Cosmic Calling Community will provide all of the classes you need to gain a deep understanding of astrology in order to give your clients the life-changing aha moments they are looking for in an astrology reading.

With the continued practice this program will provide you with, you will get even better at astrology over time. So, if you are ready to study as much as you can about the stars, then you are in the right place!

If you have already taken another certification program, you may not need this course. However, if you are self-taught, there are many professional techniques and concepts that can help you enrich your readings, feel even more confident, and provide even more value to your clients. Basically, you are getting the benefit of hearing the experience of someone who has been doing this work at a high capacity for several years.

If you are an advanced student of astrology, keep in mind that the core of this program is based primarily around cultivating intuitive reading techniques more than actually learning astrology, so you won’t need to repeat subjects you already know a lot about.

The classes that are provided in the Cosmic Calling Community – which are focused around learning astrology – are completely optional based on whatever topics you want to learn more about, and they range from beginner level to more advanced.

For this first round, all of the core classes will be held live! If you can’t join live, that’s okay, just look at the live class dates as being the “release dates”. The recordings will be posted shortly afterward and you are welcome to ask questions anytime – live or in the group. Please just make sure you complete the classes as soon as you can and take them in order.

Beyond the 6 masterclasses (7 including the bonus business & marketing class you will receive upon certification), you’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback in our Student Forum anytime. It’s similar to a Facebook group except it’s on our own fancy course platform. I’ll be checking in to the group each day to leave meaningful responses to any questions that come up for you along the way. 

You’re also invited to attend monthly live Q+A’s where you can observe me answering questions about other students’ charts and explaining how I found the answers! Plus, as a member of the Cosmic Calling Community, you’ll get ongoing access to new astrology classes so you can continue to deepen your learning an ongoing basis and even request classes.
While I will definitely be personally answering all of the questions that come through, the great thing about the forum format is that you can also get the added benefit of getting feedback, opinions, and recommendations from other astrologers and spiritual entrepreneurs, too.

Many traditional astrology universities overly focus on a technical approach to chart reading whereas this program favors a simple, intuitive approach that will make it easy for your clients – a.k.a. everyday normal people – to understand what you are saying and apply it directly to their lives in a practical way no matter how little experience they may have with astrology before your session. Other professional programs are also often twice the cost and twice (if not more) the length of time.

As a Career Astrologer, I have found that using Tropical Astrology (the most widely used form of astrology in the West) with the Placidus house system tends to give the BEST results when seeking guidance on everyday practical matters.

However, you can still use whichever system you feel comfortable with for your practice sessions as I want to encourage you to use astrology in a way that works and feels best for you according to your unique style.

In addition, the majority of classes in the Cosmic Calling Community can still apply to any house system. Be sure to check out the class on the different types of House Systems that is coming out in April 2023!

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to reach out at info@soulshineastrology.com