Featured Career: Meet Jocelyn Velush, Artist

Jocelyn Velush is an artist whose goal is to bring beauty to her viewers, transforming their surroundings, energy, and by extension, their lives as creating it does that for her. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling…

  • Name: Jocelyn Velush
  • Business: Jocelyn Elizabeth Studio
  • Location: Massachusetts, USA
  • Sun, Moon & Rising: ♎️ Libra Sun, Moon & Rising!


What is your cosmic calling and why do you feel it is so important to you?

I am a multi-disciplined creative (painter, photographer, and surface pattern designer). I’ve always had creative hobbies as an outlet – I want to make a positive difference in the world, and I can’t not create, so it’s a natural fit to merge the two.

I am extremely sensitive to the energy of other people and my surroundings, and it was only over the last few years that I realized that there are other people who are too.

Through my art, my goal is to bring beauty to its viewers, transforming their surroundings, energy – and by extension, life – as creating it does that for me. 

On a more systemic level, I’m in the process of reaching out to a few non-profit organizations that I’d like to give back to, thinking about how I can make my art accessible to a diverse audience, and brainstorming other ways I can make a positive impact through my work.


Who is your ideal customer to work with and how do you help them?

I don’t think I have one “ideal customer”. The beauty of art is that one person can see a piece one way and someone else can see something completely different. If my work speaks to someone, I hope it’s helping them in whatever way they need at that time, and that can change. That being said, my work is definitely for color lovers!

I also illustrate and create my own surface pattern designs for products, and for that work, my ideal client is really a collaborator – brands with common values who I can license my work to – which will allow me to get my work out more broadly and see it come to life on products. 

What is a typical workday like for you?

I can’t separate a typical workday from just a typical day in the life. In addition to my business, I work full time in a non-creative field and am a mom to a 3-year old. I typically wake up around 5 am to have some time to myself (journal and exercise) before my son wakes up. After I get him to daycare, I work my full-time job where I’m in meetings/on the computer ~9-5.

After, I have about an hour to myself for whatever is most pressing – lately, that’s been working on my website for an upcoming launch of original paintings. Other times that may be social media content, emails, prepping shipments, or managing finances.

After I put my son to bed, I’ll spend a few hours painting in my studio, editing photos, or designing patterns.  In any spare moments, I find throughout the day, I jot down notes as inspiration strikes me, record voice notes while driving, and carry my camera everywhere! I work as much as I can on weekends – which is getting harder as my son no longer naps – painting or designing in the studio, taking product photos, networking, working on brand pitches for licensing work, and getting out into nature for inspiration!


What is your favorite thing about your work right now?

I’m really enjoying this phase of work where I’m exploring different art mediums and styles – it’s scary to put myself out there but it’s also fun to see what people respond to.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome along your journey to becoming a spiritual entrepreneur?

Finding the time to focus on myself and my work, and figuring out how my evolving spirituality fits into my life and work. 

Most of my friends/family actually don’t know I’m interested in astrology, so if they read this, they’ll probably be surprised! 

What’s next for you?

I have an original painting collection launching on my website on 2/28, and then I’m taking a few courses over the next few months to continue to develop my art skills.  I didn’t go to art school (my degrees are in business and French), and I love learning! I have my first solo show for photography and painting in May-June so am prepping for that, and am working on some pitches for licensing deals. 

How did you first become interested in astrology and how has it helped you in your life & career?

I’ve always been curious about astrology and any type of “personality” related assessment. I always enjoyed reading my horoscope when I came across it, but I grew up Catholic so no one I knew talked about astrology and my understanding of it was very surface-level until recently. I worked with a life coach last year who helped me build better habits and a blueprint of what would really work for me in terms of all-around wellness, and she re-introduced me to astrology.

What is your favorite feature of the Cosmic Calling Community?

All of the courses, and the cosmic forecaster! I’ve enjoyed the full/new moon circle content as well, it’s nice to learn from other members and be introduced to other topics I wouldn’t necessarily have been otherwise. 

Find out more about Jocelyn’s work as an artist here:

Jocelyn is a member of the Cosmic Calling Community where you can learn more about how to discover your life’s work with astrology among a community of like-minded deep-diving soul-seekers like her!

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