009 | Shadow Work with Portia Richardson

Portia Richardson is a spiritual teacher & quantum energy healer. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… ✨

In this episode, I’m chatting with Portia Richardson, a deep diving ♏️ Scorpio, a teacher at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing, a witch, and the founder of Tall Reeds Healing Arts, as we discuss shadow work and how peering into your fears and empowering yourself to move beyond them can not only help heal you on the path to your higher calling, but also help heal the greater collective as a whole.



  • How Portia found her cosmic calling to help others focus inwardly to turn up the volume on their intuition and inner knowing rather than letting the mental/logical side of the mind take 100% control as it often does
  • How her identification with being a witch forms the basis for everything she does in her work and the truth about where the notion of being a witch came from and how it has been misrepresented to mean something else throughout history
  • Portia’s journey to discovering her affinity with the natural world and her connection with the spiritual realm and how she eventually moved into the field of energy healing
  • How her limiting fears and beliefs almost led her down a path that was not truly in alignment with her calling
  • Busting the negative misconceptions of how Scorpios tend to be portrayed and what this zodiac sign truly has to offer the world on a positive level
  • What the asteroid Chiron, known as “The Wounded Healer”, means on your birth chart and what it has to say about where you have a deep hidden wound from past lives that you can use to help heal others (as well as why this is such a good asteroid to look at when doing shadow work!)
  • Finally, what is shadow work and why is it so important? What are the steps you can take to look more consciously at how you may be holding yourself back from living a fuller life?

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