031 | Chakra Balancing for Business Success with Amber-Lee Lyons

Amber-Lee Lyons is a chakra expert, master manifester, and the founder of Chakra Girl Co. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… 💫

In this episode, I’m chatting with Amber-Lee Lyons, an ♒️ Aquarius from Vancouver, BC about how she found her cosmic calling helping thousands of women tap into their chakra energy to live their glitziest lives as well as how you can balance your own chakras to energetically align your business for success.

We cover:

  • What chakras are and how we can work with them to step into our power and manifest literally anything we want in life
  • How Amber-Lee got inspired to bring chakra wisdom to the masses in a fun and approachable way through her own journey healing a throat chakra imbalance (and how the amazing work she does is reflected in her astrology chart!)
  • What each of the chakras have to do with running a business and why it’s important to work on keeping them in balance to create more success
  • How to create a daily ritual around balancing your chakras to keep your energy centers on point!



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