032 | The 4 Elements of Astro-Compatibility

Ever wonder who you work the best with and why? The Four Elements can help explain this and so much more…

In this episode, I’m talking about the four elements of nature – Fire, Earth, Air & Water – and how understanding them from an astrological perspective can help you uncover your innate strengths & weaknesses, find out who you work the best with and why, how to hire help and what for, as well as how to decode what your dreams may be telling you is out of balance in your life.

We cover:

  • How to uncover your elemental make-up to discover what you are the best at and what your biggest weaknesses are
  • How to work with others or hire help to balance your elemental make-up in your life & work
  • Why certain zodiac signs get along better with each other and why
  • Decoding elements of nature within your dreams to help you understand which areas of your astrology chart are not being fully expressed so you can find greater balance within yourself



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