013 | Living & Working Seasonally with Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson is an author, podcaster, and the co-founder of Almanac Supply Co. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling…

In this episode, I’m chatting with Emily Thompson, a  ♋️ Cancer, entrepreneur, podcaster, and author dedicated to creative business. We discuss her major career change from web design to starting her own shop, Almanac Supply Co., what astrology had to do with it, and how aligning her schedule with the seasons has revolutionized not only her life but also her work.

We cover:

  • How & why Emily shifted her business from being a web designer to starting her own shop
  • The clues along the way that showed her that this new business was always meant to be
  • How her astrology chart matches up with what she does today & what was going on in astrology when she launched her new business
  • What the benefits are of living & working according to the seasons and how Emily does it through her life and now through her business



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