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  • Decoding Your Birth Chart

    • How to Read an Astrology Chart
    • Sun, Moon & Rising Sign 101
    • Planetary Mapping Series (8 classes)
  • Business Astrology

    • Starting the Right Business
    • How to Calculate a Business Chart
    • Brand Astrology
  • Plan with the Cosmos

    • Working with the Sun Seasons
    • The Ultimate Guide to Working with the Cosmic Forecaster
    • More coming soon!/em>
  • 100+ Podcast Episode Bonuses

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Hi, I’m Natalie Walstein and I’m obsessed with tapping into the ancient wisdom of astrology to help creative souls & inspired entrepreneurs discover a greater sense of clarity and confidence in pursuing their life’s work through aligning their life + career with the cosmos!

As a full-time professional astrologer since 2016, I’ve helped thousands of people around the world tap into their calling and create more ease & flow by teaching them how to honor their own natural rhythm instead of trying to fit into situations they simply weren’t wired for.

You were born to do amazing things. Ready to dive deeper into understanding yourself and your own unique place in the universe so you can stop settling for less and create a life + career that feels aligned & truly lights you up? 💫

Our Cosmic Calling Community is for you if…

You want to learn more about who you are & discover what you are really here to do by decoding your astrology chart in a simple, soulful way that finally makes sense. Maybe you even want to learn it to help others!

You want to stay on the pulse of the astrological energy so you can bring greater clarity, direction & understanding to your path and use the cosmos to your advantage to create greater success and fulfillment.

You’re craving a closer connection with more like-minded people who are also using this sacred wisdom to create powerful ripple effects through their life’s work.


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just $44/month USD

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This membership is meant to bring together all skill levels from all walks of life and areas of the world to discuss the pursuit of finding and stepping into their cosmic calling.

The lessons are broken down and designed to be an easy gateway into astrology for beginners, but the concepts and discussions are suitable for all skill levels. This is also a welcome place to practice your skills, ask astrology questions to get answers from a panel of different voices, and share your journey with us no matter how limited or extensive your knowledge of astrology goes. :)

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In the Cosmic Forecaster, the calendar is split into 4 different versions for PST (Los Angeles) / EST (New York) / BST or GMT (London) / AEST or AEDT (Sydney). There is a time convertor on the page that you can use if you’d like to figure out which time zone is closest to yours, or you can easily install the entire calendar to your own Google/iCalendar system and have it translated into your time zone.

Events are also handily shown in your time zone based on your computer settings. Because we have members all over the world, there are only a few particular times that work best for the majority of time zones which we will alternate through for each class. You can also easily add these event reminders to your calendar or wait and catch the recording to watch at your own pace anytime.

The core of my work as an American astrologer based in the USA has always mainly centered around Western/Tropical astrology using the Placidus house system. However, I may eventually occasionally bring other types of systems into the mix to help you branch out into new territory and see things from a different lens.

Feel free to get in touch via this form and we’d be more than happy to help you out!