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Learn how to harness the magical & practical wisdom of astrology to create greater success & alignment in your everyday life + career.

Our Cosmic Community is for you if…

You want to learn more about who you are & discover what you are really here to do using astrology in a simple, soulful way that finally makes sense. Maybe you even want to learn it to help others.

You want to stay on the pulse of the astrological energy so you can bring greater clarity, direction & understanding to your path.

You’re craving a closer connection with more like-minded people who are also using this sacred wisdom to create powerful ripple effects through their life’s work.


Hi, I’m Natalie Walstein and I’m obsessed with tapping into the ancient wisdom of astrology to help creative souls & inspired entrepreneurs discover a greater sense of clarity and confidence in pursuing their life’s work through aligning their life + career with the cosmos!

As a full-time professional astrologer since 2016, I’ve helped thousands of people around the world tap into their calling and create more ease & flow by teaching them how to honor their own natural rhythm instead of trying to fit into situations they simply weren’t wired for.

Our Cosmic Community is for you if you want to dive deeper into understanding yourself and your own unique place in the universe so you can stop settling for less and create a life + career that feels aligned & truly lights you up. 💫



Gain access to our full video library of classes even if you can’t make it live! 📝

Upcoming topics include: Business Astrology, Astrocartography, Work/Life Balance, Finding Your Healing Gifts, Overcoming Blocks & Limiting Beliefs, and deep dives into each of the signs, planets & houses so you can decode every aspect of your calling with your birth chart. Request a class here!


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What type of astrology is used on this website?

Based on Western/Tropical astrological techniques, Career Astrology is based on aligning who you really are deep down with what you decide to pursue as your life’s work. It’s about utilizing the cycles of nature to help us achieve our goals & dreams. It’s about tuning into your own natural energy flow in order to bring more magic, meaning, and purpose into your life & work.

Which time zones are covered in the Cosmic Forecaster?

PST / EST / GMT / AEST. Click here to see a Time Zone Converter so you can figure out which one is closest to you. Most astrological energies will be felt throughout the day, but we want you to be able to get as specific as possible when using the calendar to plan out your dreams, projects & promotions.

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