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Are you interested in learning about your astrology chart, but easily tend to get overwhelmed by all the complicated info that’s out there?

Are you ready to gain clarity & confidence around what you were really born to do so you can focus more of your time & attention on what really matters to you?

And sync your schedule with the natural cycles of the cosmos to eliminate burn-out and experience more ease & flow in your day-to-day?

By joining the Cosmic Calling Community, you’ll have everything you need to create the life & career your soul has always dreamed of!

Here's what you'll learn inside the community:

1. Decode your birth chart

Learn how to decode every aspect of your astrology chart to determine who you really are & what you were born to do.

2. Plan with the cosmos

Use simple techniques to intentionally honor the natural cycles of the universe for more ease & flow and less burnout & overwhelm.

3. Business Astrology

Plan, brand, and market your dream business with the guidance of the stars to help your work feel truly aligned.

New classes are offered THROUGHOUT EACH month!
Join us live or watch the recordings at your own pace.
here's an example of JUST some of the classes that are available now:

Plus, as a member of the Cosmic Calling Community,
you'll also get access to these stellar resources on an ongoing basis:

LIVE Moon Circles

Every New Moon & Full Moon, we’ll gather as a group to honor the current astrological energy, set intentions for your next steps & release whatever is holding you back from expanding to your next level.

Community Connection

Meet fellow spiritual seekers from around the world and share your magic with us! You don't have to go on this journey alone.


Ask questions about life, career, business, or your astrology chart in the group anytime - or hop on for a monthly coaching call to get clarification & even deeper insights!

Podcast Bonuses

Access an archive of over 100+ bonus resources from our past podcast episodes including PDFs, workbooks, meditations, and discount codes for spiritual services.


Check in with your soul lessons for each month with relevant horoscopes filled with actionable advice for your zodiac sign.

Cosmic Forecaster ⬇

Track the planetary cycles with our digital astrology calendar (with Google + iCal optional add-ons) so you can plan your projects & power moves with the cosmos.

Learn how to read astrology charts like these...
the fun, simple & soulful way!

Start your journey for just $44/month or $444/year USD

Here's how you'll go from curious soul searcher to master of your own cosmic destiny:

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In this course, you’ll go on a deep-diving discovery process to narrow down the specific soul mission you came here to pursue as you learn to decode every part of your astrology chart. You’ll watch videos and download workbooks so you can put the insights you receive into action straight away to help you make powerful decisions that can majorly up-level how aligned you feel in your life & career.

By the end of this level, you’ll be able to:

  • Read an astrology chart accurately for yourself and others as you unravel deeper and deeper layers of who you really are and what makes you so unique and apply this to how you choose to make your contribution to the world through your career
  • Nail down the circumstances you need to thrive based on your planetary positions & aspects
  • Identify your greatest strengths, talents, and most soul-fueled interests so you can focus your attention more on what really matters to you most and makes you come alive


In this course, you’ll learn how to work in tune with the natural cycles of the cosmos which work like clockwork to affect our energy levels and focus in predictable (and forecastable!) ways. With visually exciting videos and workbooks, you’ll get a real practical sense of how to work with planetary transits to help you work in alignment with the universal energy as well as learn how to look up your own natural rhythms and cycles based on how the planets are affecting your astrology chart specifically.

By the end of this level, you’ll be able to:

  • Uncover what you are specifically meant to be focusing on right now, in the past, and in the future according to divine planetary timing so you can eliminate distractions and work with the cosmic order instead of against it
  • Track and decode how planetary transits affect us all as a collective so you can have a greater understanding of the current moods & cravings of yourself and others
  • Create your own horoscope or forecast that is more accurate than anything you might read in a horoscope column 
  • Learn simple tools and gather helpful resources to work with astrology in your everyday life & career for maximum ease & flow like calendars, planning worksheets, interpretation cheat sheets, and more


In this course, you will learn the secrets behind planning a successful business using astrology as your guide. Once you’ve found your gifts, it’s time to share them with the world! With inspiring, down-to-earth how-to videos and action-oriented workbooks, you’ll nail down every aspect of your plan to create, brand, and market your own soul-fueled business.

By the end of this level, you’ll be able to:

  • Calculate and decode a business chart to learn the blueprint for your business’ success, it’s greater potential, and true purpose
  • Learn what the best business model, marketing strategy, and growth plan is for you based on astrology so that your work is an extension of your most authentic self-expression
  • Make business decisions from a place of intuition, play, ease, and flow by working in tune with who you are rather than desperation, frustration, and disconnection from being cut off


Meet your new favorite planning tool. The Cosmic Forecaster is our online calendar just for members of the Cosmic Calling Community. It has been designed to make it easy for you to track the astrological energy on an ongoing basis.

Every planetary transit, major moon phase, and season change is listed, along with interpretations you can read by hovering your mouse over each event.

Planning just got so much more fun. You’ll also be able to:

  • Download this calendar as a color-coded PDF to put it up on your fridge, your office wall, or make it your desktop background
  • Install these events along with their interpretations to your own iCal/Google Calendar so you can track them on the go
  • Look ahead so you can plan your projects & power moves in advance

Ready to discover your cosmic calling & align your life + career with the cosmos?

Start your journey for just $44/month or $444/year USD!

What you'll get access to each month...

Classes to inspire you to trust your intuition, own your unique gifts, and use what you’re the best at to make a meaningful impact on the world

Helpful resources to help you envision & plan out your power moves and the next chapter of your path in alignment with the cosmos

An inclusive community of lovely like-minded souls across the world to form connections with, get feedback from, and grow alongside

Imagine waking up each day and loving what you do, working at a pace that’s right for you, and gaining the appreciation and abundance you deserve from doing what you were born to.

This is what can happen when you follow the map the stars have already laid out for you!


The Cosmic Calling Community is here for you if you want to:

  • Stop Googling your way through your astrology chart and finally understand why you’re here & what you’re here to do with unlimited access to high-quality lessons featuring stunning visuals and helpful workbooks.
  • Avoid pushing & forcing on days where you feel blocked and create a more soul-aligned schedule as you plan your projects, promotions, and power moves in alignment with the cosmos.
  • Stop feeling like a lonesome woo woo weirdo and join a ready-made community of fellow like-minded soul seekers for support in stepping into a more aligned next-level life + career!

You were born to do amazing things.

Unlock them for yourself for just $44/month or $444/year USD!

Meet your


Hi, I’m Natalie Walstein, astrologer at Soulshine Astrology, host of The Cosmic Calling podcast, and author of the upcoming book Find Your Cosmic Calling: A Guide to Discovering Your Life’s Work with Astrology (Fair Winds Press, 2022).

After doing thousands of astrology readings, it became clear to me that many people were wanting to find a way to use the guidance of the cosmos in their daily lives in a way that was super easy and even fun.

I created the Cosmic Calling Community as a gathering place to share all of my best resources to help you work with the energy of astrology to transform your life & help you live your dreams.

You deserve to LOVE what you do for a living, and I’m excited to help you learn astrology the simple & soulful way so you can harness your
natural strengths, talents, and interests to do just that! 💜

Still not quite sure if this is for you?

This membership is meant to bring together all skill levels from all walks of life and areas of the world to discuss the pursuit of finding and stepping into their cosmic calling. The lessons are broken down and designed to be an easy gateway into astrology for beginners, but the concepts and discussions are suitable for all skill levels.

Wherever you are at on your journey, this is also a welcome place to practice your skills, ask astrology questions to get answers from a panel of different voices, and share your journey with us no matter how limited or extensive your knowledge of astrology goes. :)

Yes, but only if you plan on practicing astrology often. Many of our members are practicing astrologers and the information shared in each of our classes are designed to be used either for yourself or for another person you are reading charts for, such as a client, friends, or family. Although this is not a formal certification program, you will have all of the information you need to gain a very solid understanding of astrology and our amazing community to reach out to if you ever have a question about something you see on a chart or want to practice on a real person.

Once you sign up, you’ll get instant access to all courses and all member features through our customized platform on Mighty Networks. You can easily unsubscribe anytime to avoid any further charges by going to your profile and then ‘Leave the network’ if you feel like it’s not a good fit, or re-join us anytime if there is a new class added that you’d like to learn from.

Nope! We have transferred everything off of social media and into our own platform on Mighty Networks to create a sacred space for our members to connect privately without any distracting advertisements.

Our events are scheduled at different times of the day and varied days of the week to offer a better chance for everyone to join us live on Zoom or through occasional livestreams directly in the group.

If you put your location in your profile settings, all event times will automatically be listed according to your time zone so you can easily RSVP without needing a time zone convertor.

Please keep in mind that all recordings are posted within 24 hours of the live class (although usually less).

We have members all over the world, so we always make sure that our resources are relevant and accessible no matter where you live on Planet Earth. The Cosmic Forecaster and monthly printable calendar pack is split into 4 main time zones – PT (Los Angeles), ET (New York), GMT/BST (London), and AEST (Sydney) – however, you can install the calendar events to your own iCal or Google Calendar to translate it into your time zone no matter where you live.

Most of our resources are based around Western or tropical astrology using the Placidus house system which is the most popular form of astrology practiced in the west. However, I may occasionally share other systems, such as Vedic astrology, to help you branch out, expand your awareness, and see things from another lens.

Try out a free class for yourself right here on Youtube. :)

Feel free to reach out through our support form here! We’d be happy to hear from you and help you out.