What is Astrocartography?

If you’ve ever had to face the decision of figuring out where you should move – or even simply travel – where you will have the best opportunities for life or career success, then you absolutely need to know about the amazing tool that is Astrocartography.

You may already know that your exact date, time, and location of birth has the power to unlock endless insights into your soul purpose and even your ideal career, but did you know that your birth information is also a key that can unlock a treasure map of the best places for you to be in the world?

Astrocartography is the study of energetic influences and how they specifically apply to you based on your geographic location. 

If you’ve been looking for a good place to live, travel, or even hold a retreat or go on a speaking tour for your career, then astrocartography is an amazing way to find out which areas are going to be best for you and which are best to be avoided. You can also use astrocartography to figure out how your current location has been affecting you.


Here is an example of what an astrocartography map may look like:


Each line is representative of a different planetary influence according to where it was when you were born and how it would stream across the sky as the Earth turns. The circles mark the strongest part of the line where that energy is mostly concentrated.

Each planetary influence has its own unique effect. For example, the Sun shows where our energy shines brightly. The Moon shows where you feel comfortable and safe. Mercury shows where you will have great ease with communicating and sharing your ideas. Venus shows a place of beauty where love, money, and other forms of pleasure may come more easily. 

However, there are also planets/points that may bring discomfort, such as Pluto or Chiron, which force you to grow quickly and often painfully (but it is usually well worth the wisdom you gain in the end!).



It can also be interesting to look at places you have already traveled to or lived and see how the energy was affecting you there. Here are some of my own personal experiences as an example:

  • Positive influences: I was on a road trip through Nebraska (of all places) where I suddenly had this amazing feeling of joy and unlimited possibilities pass over me. I was literally driving through flat, endless fields in the middle of nowhere at the time and I couldn’t understand what my deal was! For some crazy reason, I was incredibly excited about life more than I had ever felt, and no, it wasn’t because of caffeine.

    Later, I found out that I had been driving through my Jupiter line. Jupiter is the planet of joy, expansion, growth, prosperity, and good fortune. I don’t know if I could actually handle living in that head space all the time, but it sure opened my eyes to the accuracy of astrocartography!

  • Challenging influences: I also used to live on the Big Island of Hawaii and that is where I learned most of what I know about astrology. My time living there was amazing and also incredibly challenging, but it ultimately gave me the life experiences that have allowed me to grow into the (way better) person I am today. Despite how beautiful it was living in paradise, it got to the point where I no longer knew if I should keep living there because so many things were going wrong all the time… the main thing being the dissolution of a 7-year relationship where I would have had to give up who I was really was to stay in it. There were also unprecedented financial issues to contend with.

    Using astrocartography, I was able to see that where I was living was indeed very challenging for me (& relationships) because it was on a Venus square Rising Sign line which essentially meant that the energy there challenged me to give up part of who I was to get what I wanted. Venus also rules over love & money. Challenges obviously help us grow, but I could see that this was a place where I would never stop facing challenges in my life if I kept holding on to that relationship.

  • Neutral influences: Eventually, I did choose to move back to my hometown of Minneapolis which is a neutral area for me.  As soon as I got back, I remember feeling so much more peaceful and like all of the intensity in the air had been lifted. It was a huge relief! (Later, I moved back to a different Hawaiian island where the energy is much more positive for me.)
How can you use the information you gain from your astrocartography map? I would suggest starting with some locations that you are already interested in, and using the map to help you narrow them down. Don’t discount your own natural intuitive abilities here! If you feel naturally drawn to or repelled by a certain location, there is probably a reason for that, and the astrocartography map may help explain why. 


To read the map, however, you will need to have a general knowledge of astrology including planets, angles, and aspects so that you can decode the symbols you see.


Want to learn how to FIND & decode your astrocartography map for yourself?

You can watch the full version of this class inside the Cosmic Calling Community where you will also get access to all sorts of other helpful resources to help you master your birth chart & become your own astrologer:

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