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May 2021: Career Scope for ♎️ Libra

This is a little bit more of a serious time of year for Libra. For you, Taurus Season is a time of confronting your shadows, releasing limiting beliefs, and getting much more solidly clear about where you stand in…

Career Scopes

April 2021: Career Scope for ♎️ Libra

You deserve the same support you give to others, Libra. As the Sun moves through your 7th house of Relationships until April 19th, it’s time to open yourself up to receive more help, guidance, or simply higher quality companionship from…

Career Scopes

March 2021: Career Scope for ♎️ Libra

This month, it’s time to get in the zone and take control of both your wellbeing and your workflow. With the Sun shining its rays on your meticulous 6th house of Daily Work & Wellness, March brings the need…

Career Scopes

2021 Career Scope for ♎️ Libra

Life has been way too serious lately, and as the zodiac’s resident “vibe balancer”, you may be ready to take a vacation from mediating tragedies for other people and create something for yourself for once. For Libras everywhere, 2020…