Business Mentorship Program

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur who longs to make a powerful difference through your work... yet you're struggling with the more strategic business side of things?

  • Do you wish someone could come take you by the hand and help you package, price, set up, and sell your offerings in a way that lets your best & most unique talents shine through?


  • Do you need help differentiating yourself from other businesses who do similar work as you, so you can own YOUR own unique philosophy & voice and attract your ideal customers more easily?


  • Or maybe you’re wanting guidance on how to set up your business in a way that will better benefit both you & your clients/customers so you don’t burn out or get drained from sharing your gifts?


You don’t have to grow your spiritual business all on your own.

Hi lovely, I'm here to help!

I’m Natalie Walstein and I’ve been a full-time professional astrologer since 2016 as well as an online entrepreneur for nearly 10 years. Since then, I’ve helped thousands of other spiritual entrepreneurs & creative souls align their souls with the work they do for a living using astrology.

Although money is not as important to me as the people’s lives I’ve been able to help transform, I have also been able to generate multiple six figures annually serving people around the world while doing what I love.

I’ve even been featured on a crazy number of podcasts & received a book deal without pitching myself.

But here’s the thing… I didn’t start out thinking ANY of this was possible in the beginning. It was through working with mentors of my own, plenty of trial & error, and analyzing my own astrology chart that I was able to find the supportive, balanced business model that worked for me.

Because I am so passionate about helping others do what they love, I want to help you skip the nonsense and cut straight to earning a successful living  by using my proven best tips, resources, and techniques for yourself!

Don't let the confusion around your business hold you back from sharing your gifts with the world anymore!

WHAT Past clients ARE SAYING:

Here’s what we can work on together:

  • Defining your niche so that what you do & how you do it stands out as being unique & different!
  • Getting organized on the back end with your content calendar, finances, money mindset, goals & intention-setting, etc.
  • Getting you feeling more confident about your offerings, marketing, and brand’s presence online so you can get your calendar booked out in advance by showing up as a trusted expert in your field
  • Up-leveling how you deliver your offerings so that your customers get the most out of the experience of working with you and you feel lit up with excitement, ease, and divine flow working with them
  • Balancing your energy, feeling excited by what you do again, and eliminating burnout by strategically packaging your offerings in a way that supports beautiful Y-O-U

…And anything else that may come up along the way! ✨

How much more could you accomplish in your business with the help of a supportive intuitive mentor on your side?

  • Finally launch that new website, course, or podcast you’ve been talking about for ages
  • Make more time and space for the things that matter to you outside of work
  • Feel more aligned with how you show up online
  • Feel more confident in telling others what you do
  • Break through past life fears & societal conditioning that keeps you stuck
  • Learn how to get featured in the press and become seen as a trusted expert
  • Rise up in the rankings on SEO & social media
  • Streamline the back end of your business so you aren’t overworking or focusing on things that don’t really matter
  • Break past an income plateau & bring new life, drive, clients/customers, buzz and excitement into your work!



You feel called to pursue a particular direction with your work, but you need help boosting up the business side of things & your mindset so you can welcome in greater success and abundance.

You’re not just collecting research – you are prepared to actually do the work and take action in between each call to execute the action steps we decide together!

You’re not looking to copy others’ business models. Instead, you want to create a spiritual business that is a unique expression of your soul gifts, talents, and interests.

It's time for a new age of entrepreneurship based on
working in LOVING flow with your soul.
What's Included:
  • A total of 3 x 1-hour recorded Zoom sessions centered around what you need to know to reach your next big goal, held once per month for three months to give you time to take action on what you’re learning as we go.
  • Weekly Voxer check-ins to chat & message about how you’re doing with what you’re working on between sessions. It’s like having me in your pocket on speed dial!
  • Business guidance based on your unique astrology chart, plus proven techniques for online marketing in the current age and mindset coaching.
  • My eyes on your stuff, i.e. existing website, sales pages, social media, courses, or any other marketing materials (or guidance on creating materials like these from scratch!)
  • Links to my top resources, tools, spreadsheets, and connections (as needed) to help you grow your spiritual business faster with far less struggle or hassle.

- or 3 monthly payments of $850 USD -

Ready to up-level your spiritual business?

Let's create a firmer foundation for your future
success as a spiritual entrepreneur.


Ideally, you have already had a 1-on-1 Soul-Aligned Session with me or you have been in a previous round of Cosmic Boss University (previously Cosmic Boss Mastermind) and now you are ready to dive even deeper!

I specialize primarily in helping creative types, spiritual healers, and woo woo weirdos own their magic and feel more confident about creating a soul-aligned strategy behind their business models… without buying into the hustle culture or pretending to be someone other than their most authentic selves.

This program is best for businesses that have already been running for at least a year and have a basic foundation in place, but now you are looking for support in taking things to the next level not only of monetary success but also the next level of impact, ease, flow, excitement, and inspiration.

Are you highly committed to your next level of growth and ready to show up, do the work, and take action to follow through on your aha moments? If you are ready to be receptive to feedback and could use a good boost of positive energy and guidance to raise you up to new levels of income, impact, and enjoyment in your work, this could be perfect for you.

Each call is based around YOU and whatever you would most like to work on to get where you want to be with your business goals over the next 3-6 months.

They are generally free-flowing and will focus on 3 pillars: programming your mindset for success, getting clear & narrowing in on your top priorities, and using a combination of practical business strategies & cosmic guidance using your astrology chart.

For sure. Whether you’re an astrologer or not, the purpose of this program is not only to help you become more successful but also to help your clients have more success, too – since that is what will spread the word-of-mouth magic like wildfire!

During any of your sessions, I’d be happy to discuss astrological techniques, best practices for structuring, preparing for, or following up with your sessions, or anything else you need to conduct your readings like a seasoned pro.

Yes! After completing this program, you’ll be able to book in for one-off Soul-Aligned Sessions whenever you need additional support going forward. However, it’s my primary goal to give you the tools and resources to eventually help you become your own best mentor and guide in the future. :)

Good question! Cosmic Boss University is my annual business incubator for aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs to work their way through a step-by-step 6-month program to design their dream business alongside a group of other like-minded souls who are at their same level. The next open enrollment period will be in August/September 2022.

While Cosmic Boss University is incredibly in-depth and thorough group program (and may be complementary to this mentorship), the Business Mentorship Program is ultra personalized for businesses that have already been running and have a foundation in place, but could use support in up-leveling and shifting the energy to make an even greater impact while also tuning into greater levels of divine inspiration, strategy & flow within a much more personalized 1-on-1 experienced.