017 | Sacred Self-Care Rituals with Paula Pavlova

Paula Pavlova is the co-founder of GAIA Collective & MoonBox, the monthly subscription box for moon lovers. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… 🌙

In this episode, I’m chatting with Paula Pavlova (a Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon, and Leo Rising) about how she turned her love of yoga, crystals, reiki, and other sacred self-care rituals into her career as a yoga & meditation teacher and crystal healer as well as the co-creator of a beautiful monthly subscription box that helps others create sacred self-care rituals to celebrate the phases of the moon as a way to get back in touch with themselves and reconnect with the energy of the earth.



  • How Paula cultivated her spiritual practice and how it has helped her create sacred space to balance her energy, get grounded, and flow through life more easily and why she now seeks to help others do the same
  • How to learn how to go with the flow more instead of painfully forcing your goals to happen
  • The story of how GAIA Collective & the MoonBox subscription box came to be
  • How Paula’s calling is reflected in her astrology chart
  • Using sacred self-care rituals to help you follow your truth and see everything in life as your teacher
  • How to cultivate your own sacred self-care ritual by attuning to the most prominent element in your birth chart (i.e. fire, earth, air, water)
  • Making time for self-care rituals by crowding out the mindless activities you typically take part in throughout your day in order to create an opening for more mindfulness
  • Paula’s dream for the future of her business

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Re-Attuning Your Elemental Make-up 🔥

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You’ll also gain access to every other bonus resource from every other episode so far and our complete astrology learning library, too!

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