018 | Astrology and Karma (North & South Nodes)

What does the question of fate vs. free will have to do with astrology? 🌙

In this episode, I’m diving deep into the idea of how we can forecast the future using astrology and still retain the power of our free will. We’re also looking at two of the most karmic points in astrology – the North Node of Future Destiny & the South Node of Past Karma – and how we can use them as a compass to determine which past patterns we are meant to grow forth from and what type of energy to adopt in order to grow into our greater potential and move our lives and careers forward faster than we could if we just stayed in our comfort zones.



  • Why forecasting astrology is not an exact science of seeing into the future (even though it can seem that way!)
  • Looking at free will as the concept that we get to choose how we react to the things we happen in our lives
  • The idea that we most likely choose the negative things we will experience in life as we planned them before we were born
  • The dangers of using astrology as a way to live in fear and superstition
  • How the South Node of Past Karma and North Node of Future Destiny can help us understand our karmic path

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Natalie Walstein / Soulshine Astrology
I’m one part intuitive astrological counselor + one part down-to-earth career coach. I love sharing the ancient wisdom of astrology to help established entrepreneurs – and creative souls in need of direction – courageously align their life & career with the cosmos. {Read more...}

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3 Responses

3 Responses

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! It set me on a new self-studying mood to look through my birth chart. I had to go back to the planets episode just to make sure all my notes were correct. I loved it! One clarifying question: Is it weird that all my House placements are in all the zodiac signs? As in, no 2 House placements are the same!!!

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