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Career & Business Podcast

006 | The Art of Business Astrology

What do the stars have to say about your business’ greater purpose & plan?  💫 In this episode, I’m getting real with you about the difficulties behind starting your own business including challenges I have personally faced and how discovering…


004 | The Planets & Your Purpose

What do the planets have to say about your soul purpose? 💫 In this episode, we’re going on a cosmic journey through the solar system to discover how the planets can explain different aspects of your personality in order…


002 | Working in Tune with the Moon

What does the moon have to do with the creative process? How can we use it to manifest what we want in life? In this episode, I’m talking all about moon magic and how to track the moon through…


How to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde

Ah yes, the dreaded Mercury Retrograde. We hear about it all the time. That’s because Mercury Retrograde occurs 3-4 times a year and lasts for about 3.5 weeks each time. Just when you thought you had survived one… another one…

Career & Business

How to Decode a Business Chart

  Did you know that your business has a birth chart? The moment you commit to your business idea and either buy your web domain, submit a formal business registration, or publically launch your idea to the world, an energetic…

Career & Business

How to Discover & Pursue Your Purpose

  Ever since I first discovered my purpose by looking deeper into my own astrological birth chart (which just happened to also be the beginning of a new career path for me), I knew I needed to help spread…

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