Featured Career: Meet Alden Gagnon, Intuitive Energy Healer

Alden Gagnon is an Advanced Crystal Master, Reiki Master & Intuitive Energy Healer at Alden’s Energy Healing. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling…

  • Name: Alden Gagnon
  • Business: Alden’s Energy Healing
  • Location: Boston, MA, USA
  • Sun, Moon & Rising: ♐️ Sagittarius Sun, ♉️ Taurus Moon & ♌️ Leo Rising
What do you feel is your cosmic calling?

I have had many meditation sessions where when my guides speak to me, and they say my soul chose to come to this earth not to learn a lot more or go through intense karmic lessons, but instead to spread light and be light. I feel my cosmic calling is to spread and radiate light energy + stardust. I feel I do this in a lot of ways – through energy work, spending time in nature, singing/chanting/toning, and sharing my heART with others.

What are some of the clues you followed to figure out that this is what you were meant to do?

I was in a really dark period of my life post a hyper competitive, mysogynistic, and authoritarian acting conservatory I studied at. I am also a musical theatre performer (though I don’t do that as much now because it doesn’t feel as aligned for me) and I was just so burnt out. I developed a chronic illness that took 7 + years of doctors invalidating me to finally get diagnosed–it turned out to be PCOS and PMDD/hormonal metabolic issues. I was just so out of alignment with my feminine and intuitive essence.

I grew up in the Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire, the range of which is called the “Crystal Hills” to the Indigenous Abenaki people who steward the land. And New Hampshire is really known for its granite and my town specifically is known for its Smokey quartz. I grew up literally surrounded by crystal energy!

When I moved to NYC, I started collecting crystals to manage my energy better, but I didn’t really know why. I just knew they helped me. Then, I found a Reiki master whose sessions were, at that point and for many years in the future, the only thing that really helped ease my then mysterious chronic illness symptoms.

So, out of a deep desire to heal and also reconnecting to my innate-but-culturally-conditioned-out-of-me-intuition, I began to study to become a certified crystal healer and a reiki II practitioner. I kept wanting to learn about the energetics of crystals and divine downloads, so I did also eventually spend another year studying to become an Advanced Crystal Master (via Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy) and I also did a Reiki Master attunement (via Katt Lowe and Lune Innate).

“Following the breadcrumbs of what lit me up inside and what my soul was interested in helped me feel better and shine my light. My passion turned into a professional practice as many friends and acquaintances wanted to know the work I was doing to help heal myself!”

How has learning astrology helped you bring the pieces together?

Learning astrology has really helped me feel the divine connection of why I was meant to come into this earth at this time even more. And it has helped me realize that I MAKE SENSE! I am a double fire, which can sometimes be so exhausting. But really noticing that when I ground into my Taurus moon, my true essence comes out, and that is where I feel I do my best and most sacred work.

What made you want to become a member of the Cosmic Calling Community and what are some of your favorite features?

I really have loved Natalie’s podcast and also annual planners for quite a few years now! Listening to them and also journaling with the resources daily. I wanted to dig into Astrology even deeper with Natalie and also use the resources of the cosmic planner + monthly updates to tailor my life in harmony with the cosmos.

What is a typical workday like for you?

I actually work around my menstrual cycle, so in my follicular phase and during ovulation I typically wake up, do a kettlebell workout, and then do a mix of 1:1 distance healings, by proxy recordings for YouTube, and prepping for the Lunar Sanctuary sessions.

In my luteal/menstrual phase I do slower yoga practices and do a lot of e-mail list, website and structures building, and business organization work. I also don’t take 1:1 clients in my late luteal phase and during mensuration to give myself time to rest.

Then, most evenings I love to take an epsom salt bath with my fave crystals (carnelian and rose quartz) and cook a nourishing meal with my fiancé, Diego and my dog, Jasper!

What is your favorite thing about your work right now?

Being able to connect with divine beings from all over the world in The Lunar Sanctuary and support them in their Lunar rituals and healing for their highest good.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome along your journey to becoming a spiritual entrepreneur?

Having *major* imposter syndrome and feeling like I am not good enough (which is historically a core limiting belief of mine). Also working around my chronic illness symptoms and honoring that my work day and business practices might look different form someone who is totally healthy + giving myself grace and unconditional compassion around that.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out as a spiritual entrepeneur?

I have to constantly remind myself that done is better than perfect and my light is unique and worth sharing in the world! So remember that.

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there – the risk is worth the reward of living authentically.”

What’s next on the horizon for you? What are some of your future goals?

I am delving into Celtic spirituality work and research because, as I have been stepping into my more authentic self, my cells have reawakened and are reminding me of ancestral and other timeline memories of these practices. So I am working to incorporate more of these Celtic practices into my personal rituals and also transition into using these more for my business to reduce any potential harm or appropriation that so often happens in spiritual communities.

I also, from my personal experiences, draw a lot of clients who have womb trauma and help them heal that. I have been healing my own womb myself, and it has been hugely transformational and sacred for me. So I am really feeling the call to step into being more of a womb healer + will probably start offering womb healing specific sessions soon.

Find out more about Alden’s work here:

Alden is a member inside the Cosmic Calling Community where you can learn more about how to discover your life’s work with astrology among a community of like-minded deep-diving soul-seekers like her!

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