Intuitive Astrology Reading

Gain greater clarity around your soul purpose and how you can turn it into a career you love!

Let’s consult your astrology chart to uncover your soul purpose and look at how the planets are affecting you now and in the future so you can reunite with your inner magic and make a feel-good plan for the path ahead.

These deep-diving sessions are especially powerful for:

  • Creative & intuitive truth seekers wishing to design a life + career that are deeply aligned with their soul purpose
  • Entrepreneurial soul-searchers looking for more clarity & confidence in launching, branding, or promoting themselves & creating a business they wholeheartedly love and that works with their energy flow
  • Those who have been feeling a little bit lost, confused, or off track with their current career path 
  • Or anyone who needs help honing in on where they’re meant to put their focus right now to make a bigger difference in their life’s work!

All I need to get started is the exact date, time & location of your birth.

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Hi, I’m Natalie Walstein! As a Career Astrologer since 2016, I have worked with thousands of people around the world to help them unlock their cosmic calling and come to better understand what they are really born to do, so they can go do it!

Whether you are seeking a career change, starting a new business, or looking to up-level your existing business, I want to help you make a beautiful impact on the world while doing what you love.

The noise of the world can often drown out your intuition, but with your astrology chart in hand, we can lay out the greater soul mission you are here to pursue so you can finally have the clarity & confidence to move forward with your bigger picture plan.

Let’s time travel among the stars together to find the most ideal path to your greater potential… ✨

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How does it work? You’ll choose a date and time to book your call and then, directly afterward, you’ll be asked to submit your birth information and any specific questions about your life + career you would like to look further into!



  • How you’re feeling about your life/career/business now and where you are currently feeling called to go next
  • What your unique astrological blueprint has to reveal about your true calling & soul purpose in this lifetime
  • What you’re meant to be focusing on now & in the coming months to work with divine timing & your natural energy flow
  • Practical, actionable, down-to-earth business & career guidance to help you move forward with so much more clarity and confidence in the unique gifts & talents you were born to bring to this world!

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