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2017 Year in Review

As 2017 comes to an end, some of you may be looking straight ahead and wanting to jump into a clean slate as quickly as possible, but I think it’s important to reflect back on all that has brought…

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How to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde

Ah yes, the dreaded Mercury Retrograde. We hear about it all the time. That’s because Mercury Retrograde occurs 3-4 times a year and lasts for about 3.5 weeks each time. Just when you thought you had survived one… another one…

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Self-Care Tips for your Zodiac Sign

I’m sure the concept of putting your own mask on before others in the event of an airplane crash is a phrase that has become way overdone and cliche at this point, but the truth in this statement has never…

Astro Magic Career Astrology

How to Decode a Business Chart

  Did you know that your business has a birth chart? The moment you commit to your business idea and either buy your web domain, submit a formal business registration, or publically launch your idea to the world, an energetic…

Astro Magic

How to Discover & Pursue Your Purpose

  Ever since I first discovered my purpose by looking deeper into my own astrological birth chart (which just happened to also be the beginning of a new career path for me), I knew I needed to help spread…

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Your Complete Guide to Retrograde Season 2017

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Mercury Retrograde, but did you know that every planet in our solar system goes retrograde at one point or another? During the month of April 2017 ALONE, we will be experiencing a crossover of 5…

Sun Moon Rising Sign
Astro Magic

Sun, Moon & Rising Sign 101

If you’re hoping to discover your calling and unlock your ideal life + career situation, there are many different points in your astrology chart that can be looked at to paint a complete picture of your inner nature. However,…

How to Work in Tune with the Moon / Soulshine Astrology
Astro Magic Moon Magic

How to Work in Tune with the Moon

Want to know the #1 easiest way to align your life + career with the cosmos? Simply look up at the moon! Every 4 weeks or so, the moon visibly completes a full cycle from the New Moon to Full Moon.…

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Welcome to Soulshine Astrology

  Fresh blog posts are coming soon! In the mean time, you can … Learn more about Soulshine Astrology here Order a personalized astrology reading or report Follow this blog on Bloglovin’ for astrological career tips…