Featured Career: Meet Kelly Alvarado-Young, Wellness Coach

Kelly Alvarado-Young is a wellness coach, yoga & meditation teacher who seeks to cultivate pathways toward healing while supporting first-generation, students of color, and underrepresented students. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling…

  • Name: Kelly Alvarado-Young
  • Business: La Brega Yoga Flow and Meditation
  • Location: Pullman, WA, USA
  • Sun, Moon & Rising: ♒️ Aquarius Sun, ♐️ Sagittarius Moon, & ♉️ Taurus Rising


What is your cosmic calling and why do you feel it is so important to you?

My cosmic calling is to cultivate pathways toward healing. My professional life has focused on cultivating healing within a higher education space supporting first-generation, students of color, and underrepresented students who learned how to reconcile their identities within structures of higher education that were not meant for us. Now, I continue to support Latina womxn+ through group and 1:1 coaching aligned with the cultural understanding of what it means to be a Chingona, Latina womxn+ in a U.S. context. 


Who is your ideal customer to work with and how do you help them?

An ideal client to work with would identify as a Latina womxn+ who is examining one of the three mi’ja archetypes 1. La Fuerte 2. La Perfecta 3. La Buena. She would have sharp edges and a tender heart as explained by Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodríguez. The dream womxn+ would be a brown girl ready to face the imposter syndrome, colorism, patriarchy, and other structures that try to push against us. However, together we work to push against these forces to create a community to fight together to create a worldview that centers our stories. 

What is a typical workday like for you?

I still have a full-time job working for a global tech company. I love the work that I do that allows me to connect with people across the world. During the day, I take time to check my IG feed when my posts are up to engage with folks. At night, after I put my son to bed, I start my business “work hours”. Usually, on Sunday I’ll do social media content planning, during the workweek I’ll do my latest offering Latina Inner Peace Transformation, or my podcast the Wellness Chisme Chat. There are a variety of ways for someone to learn about me and my healing practices.


What is your favorite thing about your work right now?

Mercery is in Aquarius and in my 11th house. My favorite thing is that I get to identify the audience that I want to work with and be brazenly specific. I know that I want to work with and for other Latina womxn+ who are navigating what it means to live between the borderlands of their Latina cultural expectations and the expectations of those around us. The skill of establishing strong boundaries through self-awareness is something I love to see developed for my clients. I have gotten to know an amazing group of womxn+. It has been great to see the light within them grow brighter as they re(claim) their pathway back home to themselves. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome along your journey to becoming a spiritual entrepreneur?

Finding the courage to say what is important to me. Chiron, the asteroid that signifies our deepest wounds from past lifetimes, is in Gemini and the first house. Past life trauma was around speaking my thoughts which made my life not so hot around identity, authenticity, and/or leadership. As a healer, now what I offer the world is the ability to encourage them to share their opinions about who it is they are at their core. 

Ultimately, clients are meant to embrace their most authentic selves. This is the work I do with my coaching practice and services. I offer my clients the space to reflect and develop the words, confidence, and ability to share their needs to live their most fulfilling lives. I offer them support to live the lives they desire by exploring their identities. Basically, I am living in alignment with who I am called to be in this lifetime. 


What’s next for you?

Latina Inner Peace Transformation launching in May. The online self-paced journey begins with Latina womxn+ discovering the three mi’ja archetypes (La Fuerte, La Perfecta, La Buena). Womxn+ are invited to learn how they have lived into the stories of who everyone thinks they are and re(write) their stories of who they really are as confident chingonas. 

Recently I completed my Reiki II practitioner training. Reiki is another energy healing technique that allows practitioners to improve the flow of energy. I wanted to identify ways to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and anxiety through another healing modality to add to my toolbox of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness coaching. I am still working on how to incorporate this into my business. At least right now, I am enjoying learning and using it for self-healing and collective healing.

How did you first become interested in astrology and how has it helped you in your life & career?

Growing up I remember going to the bodega (Latinx community mini-mart) where my mom would pick up a monthly and yearly horoscope booklet like a Readers Digest. It was cool to sit with her as she would read prayers in the Catholic daily meditations and then would read the Horoscope. The daily practice of reflecting on the stars and connection to the universe started my love of horoscopes. 

What is your favorite feature of the Cosmic Calling Community?

LOVE the classes to better understand my birth chart. Level 1: Decoding Your Birth Chart has helped me understand so much more about myself. I have also been able to better understand my partner and family. It’s been amazing to see the strengths and weaknesses that complement each other as we identify our gifts. 

Find out more about Kelly’s work as a Latina Wellness Guide here:

Kelly is a member of and a guest yoga instructor inside the Cosmic Calling Community where you can learn more about how to discover your life’s work with astrology among a community of like-minded deep-diving soul-seekers like her!

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