Custom Yearly Forecasting

Get your own cosmic road map for the year ahead!

Discover what’s coming up for you and what you’re meant to be focusing on to reach maximum success in the year ahead.

This completely customized 12-month forecast provides all of the dates & descriptions of the major astrological influences that will be affecting you as based on your unique astrology chart so you can plan your life + career in alignment with the cosmos.

In your custom forecast, you’ll receive: 💫

  • Your biggest opportunities and challenges in the year ahead
  • What your primary focuses will be for every month
  • How the retrogrades, New Moons, Full Moons, and Eclipses will be affecting you personally
  • Major planetary angles that will be affecting your personal & career development – as well as how to make the most of them while they last!
  • Customized at-a-glance calendars showing which days are the best for planning launches, promotions, important meetings, and more, and which ones are not very good for starting new things or scheduling important events that you want to go well

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*Keep in mind that everyone’s forecasts will contain different information because they are customized specifically for you,
but on average they run about 45+ pages in length. Any questions? Please email us at info@soulshineastrology.com. :)

Ready to find out what the stars have in store for you next?

Note: This is not a meeting or call. Your Custom Yearly Forecast will be delivered as a PDF with date ranges and clear descriptions for each event so you can easily refer to it throughout the entire year.

$222 USD

*You will need to know the exact time of your birth to order this report. If you’re not sure when it is, please read more here!

What people are saying:

“Being able to deeply understand and harness the cosmic energy that is happening uniquely for me based on my birth chart is like pure gold dust! If you’re looking for more flow and alignment in your life, I would highly recommend you get your hands on one of these gorgeous reports.”

~ Claire Solomon, Intuitive Business Strategist ★★★★★

“I am completely blown away by the incredibly detailed forecast that Natalie has created for me. The accuracy in which she’s described some of the challenges & opportunities I’m currently facing this year is astonishing. This yearly forecast really gives me the tools I need to face these challenges with grace – this is the power of astrology and an incredible astrologer on your side. I highly recommend investing in this! It’s already been such a guiding light of information, inspiration & motivation in my daily life as well as in my career.”

~ Heather Alexandar, Cosmic Soulchemy ★★★★★

“My Custom Yearly Forecast is seriously a BIBLE for me! I am so impressed with the level of detail that’s inside this booklet, it’s way above my expectation of what I thought could be predicted for the year ahead. I tend to get overwhelmed with long-term astrology reports, but I really like how this is forecast is something I can follow along with day-by-day and month-by-month… and since it’s super custom, I can really plan for specific things in my life and business. I can also see myself using this as a sort of a journal prompt outline and social media content inspiration guide as well. So grateful for this!”

~ Kelsey Roenau, Designer at Vireshwara ★★★★★

“The Yearly Forecasting report has been a valuable addition to my life and business planning. Natalie is truly gifted at what she does and I highly recommend the Yearly Forecasting to anyone who wishes to plan and amplifying their strategies for success using astrology. Thank you Natalie.”

~ Sharyn Holmes, Gutsy Girl ★★★★★

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