Weekly Forecast for September 16-22, 2018

Weekly Astrological Forecast
Weekly Astrological Forecast

Day-by-Day Overview

*If you live in Australia or NZ, be sure to add +1 day.



🌓 FIRST QUARTER MOON in Sagittarius: Once again, we reach the halfway point from our last New Moon in Virgo to our upcoming Full Moon in Aries on the 24th. This is the time when we transition from the planning and research stage to jumping in and doing the work needed to reach our next goal. Sagittarius is a sign that is not big on details, so this First Quarter Moon is about taking the leap and committing to your current project even if you don’t feel fully ready. With the moon moving into Capricorn later today, we’ll soon have a chance to figure things out as we go.

There are also two interesting planetary influences coming in today. One involves mindful Mercury making a wonderfully lucky angle with prosperity planet Jupiter. This can bring in wonderful news, ideas, insights, or messages around the concept of growth and expansion in exciting new ways! However, Venus is squaring off with the North Node of Future Destiny which can bring challenges when it comes to love and money. If you really want something, you have to be willing to do the work to make it happen. And if you’re not… then this fateful transit says it may not be meant to be.

>> VOID MOON into Capricorn – For 12 hours starting @ 5:15 pm PT / 7:15 pm ET // 12:15 am GMT / 9:15 am AEST {on the 17th}



The Moon moves into Capricorn just in time for the start of a new work week. This sign can help us focus on getting things done and laying out the work we need to do to get where we want to be by the end of the day on Friday. Overall, this is a big week for working hard and pushing our projects towards completion as the moon continues glowing brighter in the sky as the week goes on.



There is a tense angle coming exact today as action planet Mars squares off with radical Uranus. This is a day when sudden surprises may shake up your day and people around you (including yourself) may have a short temper or tend to act much more impulsively. You may even sense a feeling of anxiety or frustration. The best way to deal with this energy is to keep things moving and focus on your work. Exercise can be an especially good way to allow any weird energy to flow through you in order to channel it in a healthy way.



>> VOID MOON into Aquarius – For 7 hours starting @ 11:10 am PT / 1:10 pm ET / 6:10 pm GMT // 3:10 am AEST {on the 20th}

There’s a void moon taking up most of today (depending on where you live in the world) and that makes it not the best day for promotions or coming to a favorable conclusion through meetings. It’s better to put your focus towards working on projects you have already started or on doing simple maintenance work if you can.




Today’s rays can be illuminating as the Sun lines up with Mercury, allowing us to put our thoughts, ideas, and plans in the spotlight and see them for what they really are. It can be a good day for promotions, sharing messages, or having important conversations with others in order to get things out in the open.



>> VOID MOON into Pisces – For 19.5 hours starting @ 11:13 am PT / 1:13 pm ET / 6:13 pm GMT // 3:13 am AEST {on the 22nd}

Just a few days before Virgo Season ends and the Sun moves into Libra, Mercury is already zooming into Libra ahead of time. After a few weeks of heavy editing and getting clear on what in our life and work needs to go to allow us to become more precise in prioritizing our most important plans, our communications with others become more flowery and we are able to express ourselves much more charmingly and elegantly. You may even be in the mood to socialize more and the next couple of weeks can also be a very good time for creative writing projects.



There is some tense energy in the sky today as Mercury lines up to make an awkward angle with Uranus on the zodiac wheel. Anytime these two planets are involved in a challenging angle, it can lead to some anxiety or nervous energy. The best way to keep this feeling at bay is to step out of your mind and into your body, taking care of physical tasks around your home, running errands, or simply taking some time to exercise. This particular angle also causes us to need to make adjustments in order to free ourselves from a constricting situation.

Mercury and the Sun are also opposite from Chiron and deep-seated issues that are going on in your life may feel like they are tugging at your mind & heart a bit today, too. The best thing you can do is be good to yourself and seek balance between what is going right in your life and the issues you are still needing to work through and deal with without focusing too much on either side to the detriment of the other.

Note: These are the collective energies for the week that will be present on a wider universal level. They may affect you in different areas of your life depending on your unique astrological blueprint. >> Book a reading with me to find out more about how the planets are affecting you personally!