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Career Scopes for May 2018

It’s time to get to work on building your dreams as the season of sustained effort is now upon us and the shakes & shifts of a major planetary change prepares to greet us. With Taurus Season upon us…


Monthly Forecast for May 2018

Welcome to the month of May! We finally have Mercury Retrograde behind us and we can look forward to getting more grounded with the Earth sign of ♉ Taurus stabilizing us for most of the month as the Sun moves through…


Monthly Forecast for April 2018

It’s a new month and we are beginning to head into a new season along with it! As the weather begins to shift the scenery around us, we continue our quest through Aries Season where the sun will be roaming…


What is Astrocartography?

If you’ve ever had to face the decision of figuring out where you should move or even simply travel where you will have the best opportunities for life or career success, then you will absolutely love to know about…


Career Scopes for March 2018

As we move further into this year, March brings us a major month of release, reflection, revisions, and yes, retrogrades. The Sun continues swimming through the sign of spiritually sensitive ♓ Pisces for most of this month as we prepare for…


Monthly Forecast for February 2018

  Hello February! We are already cruising through 2018 so quickly and so far there haven’t been too many dull moments in the sky. Now, in the thick of Eclipse Season for most of this month, we are in the…

Career & Business

How to Decode a Business Chart

  Did you know that your business has a birth chart? The moment you commit to your business idea and either buy your web domain, submit a formal business registration, or publically launch your idea to the world, an energetic…


Career Scopes for August 2017

With the intensity of Eclipse Season now upon us, be prepared to harness this extra power boost to make meaningful and mega transformative changes in your life + career. The Sun continues buzzing right along in ♌️ Leo at the…

Career & Business

How to Discover & Pursue Your Purpose

  Ever since I first discovered my purpose by looking deeper into my own astrological birth chart (which just happened to also be the beginning of a new career path for me), I knew I needed to help spread…

Sun Moon Rising Sign

Sun, Moon & Rising Sign 101

If you’re hoping to discover your calling and unlock your ideal life + career situation, there are many different points in your astrology chart that can be looked at to paint a complete picture of your inner nature. However,…

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