1-on-1 Soul-Aligned Sessions

You were born to do amazing things. Ready to find out what they are?

Soul-Aligned Sessions are one part astrology reading and one part career coaching session designed to help you dive into a deeper sense of clarity around your higher calling.

These deep-diving sessions are especially powerful for:

  • Creative & intuitive truth seekers wishing to design a life + career that are deeply aligned with their soul purpose.
  • Entrepreneurial soul-searchers looking for more clarity and confidence in launching, branding or promoting themselves & creating a career they wholeheartedly love.
  • Those who have been feeling a little bit lost, confused, or off track with their current career path.
  • Or anyone who is simply curious about astrology and the idea of peering into the future of their life + career to gain more clarity around the path ahead!
I’ll consult your astrology chart to uncover your soul purpose and look at how the planets are affecting you now, in the past, and in the future so you can reunite with your inner magic and make a feel-good plan for the path ahead.
You will also end up with frame-worthy astrology chart designs and a brief breakdown of upcoming dates to help guide you on the next step of your journey.

 All I need to get started is the exact date, time & location of your birthday.


Even though these sessions are all about diving deep, my aim is for it to feel more like a fun & casual conversation with a trusty guide who understands you on a soul level and truly wants to help you succeed in your life & career!

You do not need to have had any prior experience with astrology beforehand because I’ll be breaking it all down for you with relevant and modern language to bring you clarity & confidence on your path toward creating the life + career you were always born to have.

All sessions are held over your choice of audio or video call via Zoom & will be recorded for your convenience.


How does it work? You’ll choose a date and time to book your call, and then you’ll be asked to submit your birth information and any specific questions about your life + career you would like to look further into.


  • How you’re feeling about your career & where you are currently being led to go next.
  • What your unique astrological blueprint has to reveal about your true calling & soul purpose.
  • A brief list of upcoming dates to look out for major growth and when to make future life + career moves.
  • Practical, actionable, down-to-earth guidance to help you move forward with clarity.

Included in your session, we can also compare your personal chart with a business chart, a relationship chart, or an astrocartography map.


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REFUND POLICY: Due to the prep time required to provide an in-depth interpretation, there can be NO cancellations or refunds, however you may reschedule if needed.

Please double-check your e-mail address & astrological information before submitting your request.

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