Monthly Forecast for October 2018

A new month is just around the corner, and Monthly Forecast Videos are back! 💫

As we move into October, the Sun is streaming through the sign of ♎️ Libra until it moves into ♏️ Scorpio on October 23rd. This is a time to look at the energetics of your life – where are things off? Where can you add more lightness, beauty, and peace? A New Moon in Libra on October 8th will be the ideal time to set your intentions around how you would like to bring a more luxurious & harmonious feeling into your daily life and work.

However, before that, we have the very rare Venus Retrograde coming into play beginning on October 5th. This retrograde only occurs once every 18 months, and when it does, we are meant to take time to revisit our values – including money, love, beauty – which are all things that the planet Venus governs.

A Full Moon in Taurus will help us begin to close out the month on October 24th and it will present a major check-in for us to see if all of our hard work over the past 6 months has been leading us in the right direction.

Find out more about what’s in store for this month in the latest Monthly Forecast below…




Upcoming Events:


  • October 5 – Venus Retrograde Begins (until November 16)
  • October 8 – New Moon in Libra
  • October 24  Full Moon in Taurus


>> If you’re located in Australia or NZ, you may need to add +1 day to the dates above.



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