Monthly Forecast for May 2024

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☀️ Taurus Season (April 19 – May 19)

The Sun shines its way through the zone of sky of ♉️ Taurus for most of this month, helping us ground down into our bodies and feel our way through life with our five marvelous senses. This is an Earth sign, so we are focusing more on our material resources and how to create our projects in a way that will be sustainable and long-lasting.

With love & money planet Venus also in Taurus at the start of the month – which is the ruling planet of this sign and therefore it’s in its home zone – we are especially enjoying anything and everything that makes us feel pampered, sensuous, and taken care of. This can lead to splurging on luxury items you don’t really need, but that make life feel more enjoyable or look more beautiful in some way.

Taurus Season also teaches us to slow down and carefully consider every move we’re making – not out of fear, but out of the love of enjoying the journey and wanting to create something of high quality! Take your time. There is no rush to become all that you’re meant to be. You’re allowed to feel good as you work towards your big dreams & goals even if they are only materializing in small chunks one day at a time.

May 2: Pluto Rx Begins

Pluto is the planet of transformation, the process of death & rebirth, and change. The day it moves into retrograde often brings up a trigger to show us where we have been overlooking our shadows and getting overly attached to things that have not been in our highest interests.

With Pluto currently in ♒️ Aquarius, one of the themes we are working with is that we are currently learning to separate true wisdom and knowledge from the stream of news & information that is constantly flooding our brains through social media and other sources of knowledge. We are learning how misinformation can be harmful, and we are also learning how to identify areas of inequality that have been flying under the radar.

As the farthest away planet, Pluto often deals with long-term global change, but it can also show us how we ourselves need to change and let go of out-moded beliefs that keep us from believing it’s OK for us to be unusual and different from the rest of the crowd or even our close-knit communities – another Aquarius theme.

Over the next 5.5 months, most of our transformational growth will occur within. Instead of making big breakthroughs in our physical reality, this is a powerful time for psychological processing and emotional release that will allow us to make the changes we need to make in our outer worlds more confidently once the retrograde has ended. Until then, we will be collecting information for ourselves to decide how we want to change and evolve and processing what that would mean for us if we did.

May 7: 🌑 New Moon in ♉️ Taurus (18°)

While all moon phases are a good time to work on focusing your attention on your intentions, the New Moon in Taurus is especially potent for sending the wishes for what you would like to manifest next out into the universe.

Associated with our values, desires, and sense of self-worth, Taurus energy invites us to raise our vibration and up-level our ability to receive. With its strong connection with radical planet Uranus and expansive Jupiter, this New Moon is calling us to change up how we relate to our material possessions, money, and resources and choose to perceive them in a new way.

We often put a limit on how much we allow ourselves to receive and what format it must come to us in. What if there was no limit except the one you have placed in your mind? Let yourself begin to embody your true desires now as you allow your heart to open wide to receive the love from the universe you truly deserve.

May 18-19: Mars conjoins North Node

These are strong days for taking action to step out of your comfort zone and into a new opportunity for growth and expansion. Trust your impulses because they are leading you in the direction of your highest path, not just for your own benefit but for others as well. It is time to move forward into a better future as the creation of your destined path progresses steadily now.

With Mars and the North Node in ♈️ Aries, you may also feel more driven to stand up to protect the momentum you are making on your own individual path of self-mastery as you work towards the unique passion projects that excite you the most right now.

May 20: ♊️ Gemini Season Begins

As an Air sign, Gemini energy calls on us to collaborate and co-create with others around us. This versatile energy motivates us to communicate our ideas more openly and freely with others as well as to open our minds to receive relevant insights from others that can make our own lives easier or simpler in some way we’ve been craving.

We may be feeling restless to learn new things or to satisfy an urge for mental stimulation yet have trouble concentrating on the same thing for a long period of time, so it’s good to embrace variety in your projects but not to overwhelm yourself with too much to do.

Over the next 4 weeks, aim to let others know what you have been up to and what’s on your mind so that they can make suggestions and provide tips, resources, and networking connections that can help you get where you want to be faster than you could on your own.

May 23: 🌕 Full Moon in ♐️ Sagittarius (2°)

As the moon reaches fullness in the restless sign of Sagittarius, you may be ready to move on to new horizons and leave behind previous areas of interest that are no longer quite so interesting. Your life can feel like one big adventure of your own choosing, but if there are any ways that it currently does not, this is the perfect time to say sayonara, ciao, au revoir, and take an exciting leap into the unknown.

Use the energy of this Full Moon to release yourself from any situations that no longer fascinate you or bring you boundless joy as you make space in your mind and spirit to experience greater freedom and lightness of being.

You may also be finding, on this Full Moon, that you are just as worthy of teaching your wisdom in an area you have now mastered as the teachers you have looked up to in the past.

May 23-26: Jupiter sextiles Neptune

This is a week for realizing your dreams. This prosperous energy widens our horizons of what is possible and opens up new pathways that could lead us to receiving the things we desire with greater ease than we ever thought possible. This is also an amazing time for creative projects that require artistic flair and a vivid imagination. The things you have wanted to happen for so long may also finally seem to be manifesting. Just be careful not to get so lost in your fantasy realm that you over-promise, over-spend, or over-extend yourself in ways that will not be sustainable in the long run.

May 25: Jupiter enters Gemini

For the next 12 months, our planet of growth and abundance will be moving through a new sign, bringing greater awareness and expansion to the Air sign of ♊️ Gemini. This is an especially powerful year for connecting, communicating, and collaborating with others as well as expressing ourselves more freely through writing, speaking, or even visual art.

We will come to find that we have more in common with the people around us than we thought possible the more we can open up and share our interests, ideas, and goals with others instead of hoarding them all to ourselves out of fear of being misunderstood. It’s a great year for networking, marketing, making new friends, and collaborating on creative projects as well.

May 29-30: Mars conjoins Chiron

This can be a powerful time for facing old fears and unhealed wounds that have been holding you back and keeping you small. There is an extra boost of energy that can catapult you over your current hurdles and help you stop seeing the things you’re afraid of as such a big threat instead of something you can totally handle. Some people may act out due to hidden insecurities they are harboring, however, if this energy is not harnessed for the highest good.

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