Monthly Forecast for May 2018

Welcome to the month of May! 
We finally have Mercury Retrograde behind us and we can look forward to getting more grounded with the Earth sign of ♉ Taurus stabilizing us for most of the month as the Sun moves through this sign until May 19th.

This month is not all sunshine and roses, however, because there will be a major switch being made as Uranus moves out of Aries (where it has been for the last 8 years) and into Taurus just in time for the New Moon in Taurus on the 15th. Whenever any planet gets to the last degree of a sign, there tends to be a grand finale, and Uranus in Aries was all about fighting against the enemies of progressive change – whether in society, your industry, or even in your workplace.

Uranus has a way of shaking up the status quo and inspiring us to do things differently which can be surprising for others (or perhaps ourselves, depending on which side of the surprise we find ourselves on). With Uranus moving into Taurus, we may see some interesting developments when it comes to the financial markets, art, music, or even gardening – all things ruled by Taurus!

Find out more about what’s in store for this month in the latest Monthly Forecast below…





Upcoming Events:


  • May 15th: New Moon in Taurus, Uranus moves into Taurus, Mars moves into Aquarius
  • May 19th: Venus moves into Cancer
  • May 20th: Gemini Season Begins
  • May 29th: Full Moon in Sagittarius


>> If you’re located in Australia or NZ, you may need to add +1 day to the dates above.



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