Monthly Forecast for August 2018

Although the Sun is in Leo for most of this month, a time when we are meant to burst out from our shells and step into our power as we embrace our best and brightest selves, this may be a little harder to do than expected…

It’s almost hard to keep track of everything that is happening astrologically in August! With Uranus Retrograde beginning on August 7th, we are moving into a period of time where it may be difficult to make big life changes and instead may need to spend more time surveying our options below the surface. Mercury is retrograde in Leo until August 18th, crossing wires and adding a lot of extra confusion that can mix up our mindset and make planning and communications especially frustrating. Mars is also still retrograde in Aquarius (Leo’s opposite sign) until August 27th and this has been forcing us to slow down on both ends of the zodiac wheel and re-evaluate where we are heading and why.

There are some big questions to ask yourself this month and the universe will be demanding a clear answer which you may only be able to figure out after doing a lot of inner research. Take your time if you need to… the clarity you can gain from this period will end up being worth its weight in gold!

Meanwhile, we have a Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th which will be capping off the end of Eclipse Season and signaling a new karmic beginning that can catapult us into a new reality rather quickly if we are clear on what we want to create. After this, we will have finally survived Eclipse Season and things can begin returning back to a more normal flow. Then, a Full Moon in Pisces will end the month on August 26th, helping us deal with any last remaining emotions we still haven’t managed to move through.

{Note: So sorry… I accidentally deleted this month’s forecast video. Too bad because it was a really good one too! Yes, I am blaming it on Mercury Retrograde. 😩}



Upcoming Events:


  • August 7 – Uranus Retrograde Begins
  • August 11 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo
  • August 18 – Mercury Retrograde Ends in Leo
  • August 23 – Virgo Season Begins
  • August 26 – Full Moon in Pisces
  • August 27 – Mars Retrograde Ends in Capricorn


>> If you’re located in Australia or NZ, you may need to add +1 day to the dates above.



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