Cosmic Boss Mastermind

You were born to do amazing things.

Whether you’re a healer, a teacher, a maker, a creative, a coach, or still an aspiring entrepreneur with a day job & a dream to build your own magical empire, this program was designed to set you up for soulful success and give your vision wings to fly.

Over the course of 6 months, we will join together on every New Moon & Full Moon as a group of rising lightworkers to grow our businesses through in-depth lessons that involve cosmic guidance, spiritual mindset rituals, customized advice, and most importantly, practically proven down-to-earth business & marketing strategies so you can earn more money helping more people and making an incredible impact… all while doing the work you love and were truly born to do all along.



What’s included…


Use your unique astrology chart as a guide to create & launch a business strategy that is fully in alignment with the true you. You’ll receive your own customized Mind Map outlining your cosmic calling and a custom astrology chart design you can use to uncover further insights about yourself throughout the program so you can grow your business in line with your natural strengths & interests for soul-aligned success. This is all about creating your own amazing empire in a way that feels good to YOU!


Every 2 weeks, we’ll meet on a group video chat on (or around) the New Moon & Full Moon as I present the next lesson. Each lesson is recorded and will be centered around a combination of practical, spiritual, and cosmic guidance to help you put together the fundamental building blocks of your brand so you will feel more confident in yourself and your ideal clients & customers will feel confident investing in you.


Each lesson comes with a workbook and a list of homework assignments you can use to create a plan to grow your dream business one integral step at a time. It’s up to you to complete your homework on your own timeline while keeping in mind that each lesson will build upon the next. Each one presents an integral puzzle piece that, all together, will ultimately help you create an abundant business you really love using a combination of soul-led mindfulness and cutting edge business & marketing strategies.

*On the weeks we don’t have masterclasses, you’ll be able to join up with your own MINI-MASTERMIND CIRCLE of fellow budding entrepreneurs located near your same time zone to share your wins and get feedback all along the way.



You’ll also have access to our mastermind Facebook group to ask for help, get feedback, share your wins, and follow special prompts designed to help you connect with other like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs around the world as you build lasting friendships that can go on to bring you further support even after the program has ended.


I believe we ALL have the power to change the world simply by doing what we love. As a Career Astrologer + Business Coach, I often work with clients who are SO passionate about their dreams, but they don’t always have the business savvy they need to market their work & earn an abundant living when the time comes to make it happen in the real world.

Being your own boss can be very challenging in the beginning because you don’t know what you don’t know. I started my first business 8 years ago working with entrepreneurs all over the world on their branding, graphic, and web design to get their vision off the ground and soaring. However, something I quickly came to realize is that even though these clients ended up with beautiful brands that made their business look legit and professional, their business plan wasn’t always very strong, and many of them sadly didn’t last.

Over the years, through studying astrology, spirituality, and mindset work while learning how to grow my business from $0/month to a multiple 6-figure income, I’ve come to value the importance of helping my clients start from their soul so they can create and grow businesses that are in authentic alignment with who they really are deep down! When you’re building a business around your life purpose while also armed with a smart strategy for sustainable success, you’re able to create something beautiful and long-lasting that truly feels in sync. Best of all, it gives you such a natural advantage to help you easily stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Working with a coach who genuinely cares about your success – surrounded by a group of other people who have similar interests, dreams, and struggles – is an INVALUABLE way to jump up to the next level so much more quickly than you could all on your own. You could spend months or even years trying to figure out how to set everything up behind the scenes – or you could get a tried & true blueprint for success from someone who’s already done what you want to do and is right there to walk you through it in a way that works best for you. 💫

Gemini Constellation



MONTH 1: Aries / Libra

Who You Are + How You Help

  • Tap into your Cosmic Calling to write your Mission Statement
  • Do Market Research to inform your overall brand strategy
  • Decide on your signature offerings based on your unique strengths
  • Getting inside your ideal client/customer’s head
  • Develop a front-end client/customer experience that creates clarity and incites trust


MONTH 2: Taurus / Scorpio

Making Money the Magical Way

  • Pricing your work, setting money goals & tracking them on a consistent basis
  • Starting a magical money manifestation mindset ritual that will literally change your life
  • Creating an operation manual to organize the back-end of your business so you can schedule your time and plan your projects efficiently
  • And finally… writing sales pages that actually sell!


MONTH 3: Gemini / Sagittarius

Soulful Marketing

  • Creating a marketing flow that turns potential clients from curious onlookers to confident buyers
  • Using special tools to streamline your social media & e-mail strategy so you can build hype and create authentic connections online
  • Finding your voice and selling without feeling slimy using your astrology chart as a guide
  • Standing out from the crowd by going the extra mile


MONTH 4: Cancer / Capricorn

Cosmic Business Planning

  • Working with the moon phases & cycles to maximize your productivity
  • Using your unique astrology chart to find your monthly focus and plan your business moves
  • The art of creating a long-term promotion calendar for greater success (and sanity!)
  • Promoting the right offerings at the right times by tapping into the collective consciousness


MONTH 5: Leo / Aquarius

Confident Leadership & Community Outreach

  • How to show up as a leader and gain respect as a trusted expert in your field
  • Infusing a bit more sparkle & fun into the process of working with you!
  • Cultivating an online community that adores you
  • Expanding your reach through networking, collaboration, and joint ventures
  • Making the world a better place by giving back


MONTH 6: Virgo / Pisces

Self-Care Success Strategies

  • Supporting your mind, body & spirit on a daily basis to avoid burnout
  • Cultivating a daily schedule you’re actually excited about!
  • Grounding and aligning your energy during the day
  • Checking in with your energy flow & staying connected to your soul
  • Decide how you’d like to stay in touch with your mini mastermind circle after the program has ended
  • Closing Ceremony 🎉

By the end of our time together, you will have a solid business strategy based on your unique astrological blueprint that will help you attract more of the right clients/customers, increase your abundance, and feel more confident about your ability to create the lasting impact you were born to make.



When I stumbled upon Natalie, I knew she had to coach me. Blending business with woo-woo is a special skill, and she nails it. Her coaching was concise, useful, gave me tangible to-dos and outcomes – but also aligned what I was doing with the cosmos. Having that soul-filled backing to your career is such a unique thing that many seek to have – and with Natalie’s help, I know I’m on the right path.

She has a true skill for guiding you in a gentle, but clear way. I liked that it was a mix of soul searching and alignment paired with black and white steps to get you there. Most people can’t balance both- Natalie does it beautifully. I’d recommend this coaching to anyone who is looking to reinforce those soul-tugging feelings of ‘I think I’m mean to do this… buuuuut…’ with guidance and honing in on what you’re truly called to do. Thank you, Natalie, for your truly special gift to this world and to my business!” ~ Jennifer Johnson, New Age Health & Mindset Coach at Craft Your Life Coaching

Working with Natalie was like ‘reAligning’ with my Soul. In other words:
✧ I love the commitment both of us bring to the table
✧ I love the practicality and the effectiveness
✧ I love the clear picture you have upfront and during the time we are working together
✧ I love the pace and that you really have to show up and DO THE WORK – which is neither woo woo stuff nor a walk in the park
✧ I love the sustainability and the long-lasting or even the ‘ever’ lasting imprint of this program
✧ I love the step by step guidance and also the flexibility of working with Natalie
✧ I love Natalie’s clear, no fluff, straight forward and also very sensitive and intuitive vibes
And I love(d) so much more about it that I find it kind of sad that it’s over.
I totally and highly recommend it if you want to get clear on your Business and align it with your Soul! it´s absolutely COSMIC!” 
Ellen Holzschuster, Astrologer

Working with Natalie has been enlightening and very supportive. She has such a gentle and warm energy about her and I loved the way in which she educated me about my chart from the career standpoint. She also created a Mind Map that really broke down how I express myself best, how I’m meant to do my job, my main role, and when I’m happiest in my profession. It was DEAD ON – completely inarguable! I gained a lot of help in areas that I felt stuck in and I really enjoyed learning what my astrological chart says about my strengths and areas of growth.” ~ Ginger Parker




  • Cosmic Boss Mastermind Welcome Kit Once enrolled, you’ll receive a customized kit with your beautifully designed astrology chart and Mind Map in your inbox as well as a physical welcome package in the mail!
  • 12 Group Masterclasses Attend 2 per month on or near the New Moon & Full Moon with every member of the mastermind as you create a new layer of your business strategy and get to know yourself better in each class.
  • Digital Workbooks & Homework Assignments Receive a digital workbook with each masterclass that has been designed to help walk you through both the spiritual & practical work needed to create the business of your dreams.
  • Mini-Mastermind Circle Calls During the weeks we don’t have masterclasses, you’ll meet on a call with a smaller group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are located close to your time zone and share similar goals so you can get support, ask for feedback, and share your wins! You’ll also be connected through a Facebook Messenger group so you can chat in between meetings.
  • 3 Private 30-minute Clarity Calls Dive deeper in any areas you feel stuck on as you go through the program by scheduling in up to 3 optional private 1-on-1 calls to look over your astrology chart and discuss your business plans with me – no one is allowed to get left behind!
  • Facebook Group Get feedback, share ideas, post your homework, and ask questions of the whole group anytime along the way.

After our 6 months is up, you’ll still have lifetime access to all masterclass replays & workbooks and will retain access to the Facebook Group for a 3-month integration period following the last masterclass. You may also decide you’d like to continue having calls with your mini-mastermind circle!


At the end of our 6 months together, we’ll join together in magical Hawaii for a celebration of how far we’ve come, including activities such as yoga, meditation, journaling, outdoor excursions, and astrological workshops to help set us up for even greater success as we prepare to take our training wheels off and soar!

*Airfare & accommodations are not included, but all activities and meals are! More info will be shared in the group as we get closer. (It’s totally optional, of course!)



Attending the Cosmic Boss Mastermind was a game-changer for me. It was so comprehensive in offering the guidance I needed to feel confident facing every angle of the creation of my new brand & business. The astrological component that accompanied each exercise made it as much about truly soul searching for my most aligned intention as being able to follow the clear steps to execute it. Natalie’s guidance was always readily available & so on point, making me feel truly held the whole time by her care & expertise. The connections I made in the group were invaluable resources as well & have become life-long friends & colleagues. I completed the program with a newfound sense of confidence & clarity that now makes flowing through the milestones of my business feel natural, easy & so on purpose. I really can’t speak highly enough for this Mastermind that up-leveled my business mind, deepened my commitment to embody my brand, & left me with all the tools I could ever need to continue to build it as an expression of my soul’s calling.” ~ Lauren Poppins, Business Astrologer & Automation Maven at Cosmic Biz Witch

I can not recommend this course enough! Natalie has honestly created the best step by step guide to success through this course and delivered it in such an easy to digest manner that literally anyone could do it. I was surprised how much depth was covered in this course and as someone who already runs her own business I was proud Natalie highlighted all the aspects that could go wrong or be overwhelming when starting up a business and helped each person navigate their way around those issues with such ease. My highlight was understanding what was my liquid gold in my business was and learning how to use that to my advantage when being of service to my customers. This course helped me unlock many mysteries hidden in the back of my mind that was stopping me from achieving the most out of my business. It helped me understand what my key values were in business and how to interpret that for my clients and social media. This is literally the best step by step business course I have ever done! If you’re stuck, or just curious, no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey this course is well worth its weight in gold!” ~ Tui Te Kiri, Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer at Tui Te Kiri

The Cosmic Boss Mastermind was exactly what I needed at this juncture in my life and business. I was drawn to Natalie’s passion and the ease with in which she explained the complexities of the stars. I had this pull, knowing I needed to join this program in order to understand myself and my business more AND make the decisions that I knew I needed to make. I cannot say enough positive things about how beautifully this program was executed. Every detail was thought of … from the content to the schedule to the resources to the tools I now have at my disposal. I refer to my astrology chart often to remind myself of who I am and what I am here to do. That in and of itself is worth the price of the entire program. Natalie is calm yet firm, insightful and intuitive, and incredibly wise. Plus she thoughtfully answered every question we had. I learned so much from her answers to questions that weren’t even mine. She brings a powerful perspective to her work based on her personal experiences and her innate ability to navigate the messages of the cosmos. You have everything you need in this program to create, refine and/or turn your ideas into reality. Thank you, Natalie, for this impeccable program!” ~ Gabriela Brunner



Is this program right for you? ✨

This is for you if:

  • Whether you have been running your own business for a while or you are completely brand new, you already know what you want to offer and now you just need help executing and up-leveling your strategy to make it happen as soulfully and successfully as possible! (I have found that those who don’t know what they want to offer yet do not tend to do as well in this program.)
  • You know you’re here to make a meaningful difference in the world. You’re a natural go-getter and you believe your dreams are possible and that getting paid to pursue your passions is totally figureoutable. You just need the right tools, techniques, and support to help you figure it out!
  • You are motivated to do the work to make your dream a reality even if when it gets hard or life gets super busy and you are willing to commit at least 5 hours (or more) every single week to work on your business.

This is NOT for you if:

  • Paying for this program will put you in any kind of financial distress where you won’t be able to pay your other bills. (Keep in mind that you may not be able to start making money from a totally brand new business until 3 months into this program.)
  • You are not willing to take responsibility for your own success and tend to blame others for your inability to get out of your own way or to make excuses for your circumstances when things get hard despite every possible opportunity to receive support.
  • You would rather sit on the sidelines and dream about success than actually live it and are not willing to commit time and effort to do the homework to figure out how best to make your business work for you. This process can be a lot like putting together a puzzle, and entrepreneurship is not for everyone! It takes a whole lot of passion and resilience and that’s why not everyone chooses this path.

Sorry, applications are currently closed…

Our next round begins September 22nd!
(Applications open on August 18th)

Any questions? E-mail info@soulshineastrology.com.

Signing up for the Cosmic Boss Mastermind was a huge turning point for myself, and my budding business. I came to Natalie with an idea – a dream with not much foundation to stand on. Throughout the course and lessons, and with Natalie’s guidance, my confidence grew and I found myself creating the very thing I sought out to! It was exciting and empowering. Natalie has outlined each lesson to build upon the last, and she delivers her vast knowledge and knowhow in a clear and easy to understand way. I’ve taken away so much from this Mastermind, and I’m so excited to keep growing!” ~ Dannielle Devi, Self Love Coach at Goddess in my Temple

I was thrilled with the Cosmic Boss Mastermind Program and with Natalie’s inspiring leadership and instruction. This program is for ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their online business dreams into reality, as well as learn about how their birth charts and ongoing planetary transitions and events underlie and affect everything. There is so much covered in the program and it was an inspiring journey that was made even more special by the accompanying Facebook group and the friendships I made through shared experiences and challenges. Upon completing the program, I’ve completed many large undertakings, including: re-branded my business, created a new website, designed my first signature program that I’m piloting in two days, revamped all of my services and pricing, created multiple lead magnets, set up my mailing list, and organized my social media accounts and posting schedules. Additionally, I’m now comfortable with popping on Facebook lives and publishing videos. And all because I decided to join the Cosmic Mastermind. I absolutely loved how the program was designed around astrology and I learned so much about it and myself. I highly recommend this program to any heart-centered entrepreneur who is simultaneously interested in astrology and holding a business idea close to their heart that they want to bring to life.” ~ Allison Kessler, Web Designer & Strategist at AllisonKessler.com

Natalie ran such a lovely program. From start to finish you can truly tell she put her heart and soul into making sure every woman felt their needs were met at all times. I found her to be super approachable and welcomed any question while always answering with a warm smile. Natalie and the rest of the amazing women that she attracted were such a blessing as they were my anchor + support when I lacked structure and stability in my life. I truly believe if you are reading this review, then the program is for you!” ~ Marina Lynn, Slow Life Solution



  • What if I have a lot of different business ideas and I keep changing my mind all the time? Will this mastermind help me choose the right business to focus on? Using your astrology chart, we can definitely narrow down the options, but ultimately it is going to be up to you to make the final decision depending on what feels best to you, even if that means building a business that supports many of your passions at once around a central personal brand. Growing a business involves a constant experimentation process for everyone, no matter who you are, and we have had previous members go through the program only to change their focus by the end and decide to go back through all of the homework with a new business in mind. The good news is that you will have lifetime access to all of the videos and workbooks and everything you learn will help you create a firm foundation for your future regardless of what type of business you ultimately end up building. 
  • How does this program compare to hiring on a 1-on-1 business coach? I know there are a LOT of options out there for business coaching, but what makes this program special is that not only do you get 3 private 1-on-1 calls with me, but I’ll also be checking into our Facebook Community every weekday to personally respond to your posts, give feedback, and thoughtfully answer your questions while also connecting you with a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs you can continue to stay in touch with even after this program has ended. You’ll also have the opportunity to get your questions answered live at the end of each masterclass. I truly believe we are stronger together, yet for a group program, the level of attention you’ll receive is probably much different than other group programs you may have seen or experienced in the past. Another thing that is EXTRA special about this program compared to working with another business coach is that you will learn more about your astrology chart and the art of business astrology throughout the course so you can make empowered decisions to work in alignment with what truly feels best for you rather than being forced to blindly follow the way someone else tells you to do things (which may or may not line up with your natural energy flow).
  • Am I required to join every call live? Of course not! Because we’ll have members located all over the world, it is possible that some of the call times will not work for you. However, we make every effort to make every single person feel included as much as possible by varying the times for the masterclasses from call to call. You will also be paired with others whose time zone complements yours for your mini-mastermind circle. All of this being said, you are not required to show up to any of the calls, but people who do join live as much as possible usually do tend to get the most out of this program due to the ability to have your questions answered live at the end of each masterclass.
  • What if I have to go away on vacation or I’m getting married, having surgery, or I’m having a baby during this and can’t complete all the homework in time? If you aren’t able to complete your homework for each masterclass within the 2 week period before the next masterclass, you will still have plenty of time to catch up on homework after our masterclass schedule has ended in September. Our Facebook group will still be open through the end of the year so you can continue to get feedback and support on anything you still need help with as you work through the homework at your own pace. I totally understand that life happens and you need not sacrifice your personal life for your business – that is the total opposite of the point of this program!
  • What if I don’t know my birth time? Can I still get value out of this program? You will absolutely need to have your birth time to take part in this program because so much of what we do is based on your unique birth chart which is calculated from your date, time, and location of birth. If you have no way of getting yours, I can help take you through a process called rectification which is where I can ask you a series of questions to work backwards in order to narrow down your birth time. Learn more here!

Any other questions? E-mail info@soulshineastrology.com.

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