2019 Cosmic Boss Mastermind


You were born to do amazing things.

Whether you’re a healer, a teacher, a maker, a coach, in sales, or still an aspiring entrepreneur with a day job & a dream to build your own magical empire, this program was designed to set you up for soulful success and give your vision wings to fly.

Over the course of 6 months, we will join together on every New Moon & Full Moon as a group of rising lightworkers to grow our businesses through in-depth lessons that involve cosmic guidance, spiritual mindset rituals, customized advice, and most importantly, practically proven down-to-earth business & marketing strategies so you can earn more money helping more people and making an incredible impact… all while doing the work you love and were truly born to do all along.

What’s included…


Use your unique astrology chart as a guide to create & launch a business strategy that is fully in alignment with the true you. Each member receives their own customized Mind Map outlining your cosmic calling and a custom chart design you can use to uncover further insights about yourself throughout the program so you can grow your business in line with your natural strengths & interests for soul-aligned success.


Every 2 weeks, we’ll meet on a group video chat on (or around) the New Moon & Full Moon as I present the next lesson which will be in alignment with the current astrological themes. Each lesson is recorded and will be centered around a combination of practical, spiritual, and cosmic guidance to help you put together the fundamental building blocks of your brand so you will feel more confident in yourself and your ideal clients & customers will feel confident investing in you.


Each lesson comes with a workbook you can use to create a plan to grow your dream business one integral step at a time. It’s up to you to complete your homework before the next lesson, keeping in mind that some lessons may be much more challenging than others, but all will ultimately help you create an abundant business doing what you really love. Plus, you can ask for help at any time along the way!


Throughout the program, you’ll have access to our mastermind Facebook group to ask for help, get feedback, share your wins, and follow special prompts designed to help you connect with other like-minded solo entrepreneurs around the world as you build lasting friendships that can go on to bring you further support even after the 6 months has ended.


I believe we ALL have the power to change the world simply by doing what we love. As a Career Astrologer + Business Coach, I often work with clients who are SO passionate about their dreams, but they don’t always have the business savvy they need to market their work and earn an abundant living when the time comes to make it happen in the real world.

Being your own boss can be very challenging in the beginning because you don’t know what you don’t know. I started my first business 6+ years ago working with entrepreneurs all over the world on their branding, graphic, and web design to get their vision off the ground and soaring. However, something I quickly came to realize is that even though these clients ended up with beautiful brands that made their business look legit and professional, their business plan wasn’t always very strong, and many of them sadly didn’t last.

Over the years, through studying astrology, spirituality, and mindset work while learning how to grow my business from $0/month to a 6 figure income, I’ve come to value the importance of helping my clients start from their soul so they can create and grow businesses that are in authentic alignment with who they really are deep down! When you’re building a business around your life purpose paired with a smart strategy for sustainable success, you’re able to create something beautiful and long-lasting that truly feels in sync, and best of all, it gives you such a natural advantage to help you easily stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Working with a coach who genuinely cares about your success – surrounded by a group of other people who have similar interests, dreams, and struggles – is an INVALUABLE way to jump up to the next level so much more quickly than you could all on your own. You could spend months or even years trying to figure out how to set everything up behind the scenes – or you could get a tried & true blueprint for success from someone who’s already done what you want to do and is right there to walk you through it in a way that works best for you. 💫

Gemini Constellation



MONTH 1: Aries / Libra

Who You Are + How You Help

  • Tap into your cosmic calling to write your Mission Statement
  • Do Market Research to inform your branding decisions
  • Decide on your signature offerings based on your unique strengths
  • Getting inside your ideal client/customer’s head
  • Develop a front-end client/customer experience that creates clarity and incites trust


MONTH 2: Taurus / Scorpio

Making Money the Magical Way

  • Pricing your work, setting money goals & tracking them on a consistent basis
  • Starting a magical money manifestation mindset ritual that will literally change your life
  • Creating an operation manual to organize the back-end of your business so you can schedule your time and plan your projects efficiently
  • And finally… writing sales pages that actually sell!


MONTH 3: Gemini / Sagittarius

Soulful Marketing

  • Creating a marketing flow that turns potential clients from curious onlookers to confident buyers
  • Using special tools to streamline your social media & e-mail strategy so you can build hype and create authentic connections online
  • Finding your voice and selling without feeling slimy using your astrology chart as a guide
  • Standing out from the crowd by going the extra mile


MONTH 4: Cancer / Capricorn

Cosmic Business Planning

  • Working with the moon phases & cycles to maximize your productivity
  • Using your unique astrology chart to find your monthly focus and plan your business moves
  • The art of creating a long-term promotion calendar for greater success (and sanity!)
  • Promoting the right offerings at the right times by tapping into the collective consciousness


MONTH 5: Leo / Aquarius

Confident Leadership & Community Outreach

  • How to show up as a leader and gain respect as a trusted expert in your field
  • Infusing a bit more sparkle & fun into the process of working with you!
  • Cultivating an online community that adores you
  • Expanding your reach through networking, collaboration, and joint ventures
  • Making the world a better place by giving back


MONTH 6: Virgo / Pisces

Self-Care Success Strategies

  • Supporting your mind, body & spirit on daily basis to avoid burnout
  • Cultivating a daily schedule you’re actually excited about!
  • Grounding and aligning your energy during the day
  • Checking in with your energy flow & staying connected to your soul
  • Choosing a business bestie to check in with after the mastermind has ended
  • Full Moon Closing Ceremony 🎉

By the end of our time together, my goal is that you will have a solid business strategy based on your unique astrological blueprint that will help you attract more of the right clients/customers, increase your abundance, and feel confident about your ability to create the lasting impact you were born to make.



“When I stumbled upon Natalie, I knew she had to coach me. Blending business with woo-woo is a special skill, and she nails it. Her coaching was concise, useful, gave me tangible to-dos and outcomes – but also aligned what I was doing with the cosmos. Having that soul-filled backing to your career is such a unique thing that many seek to have – and with Natalie’s help, I know I’m on the right path.

She has a true skill for guiding you in a gentle, but clear way. I liked that it was a mix of soul searching and alignment paired with black and white steps to get you there. Most people can’t balance both- Natalie does it beautifully. I’d recommend this coaching to anyone who is looking to reinforce those soul-tugging feelings of ‘I think I’m mean to do this… buuuuut…’ with guidance and honing in on what you’re truly called to do. Thank you, Natalie, for your truly special gift to this world and to my business!” ~ Jennifer Johnson, New Age Health & Mindset Coach at Craft Your Life Coaching

“Working with Natalie was like ‘reAligning’ with my Soul. In other words:
✧ I love the commitment both of us bring to the table
✧ I love the practicality and the effectiveness
✧ I love the clear picture you have upfront and during the time we are working together
✧ I love the pace and that you really have to show up and DO THE WORK – which is neither woo woo stuff nor a walk in the park
✧ I love the sustainability and the long-lasting or even the ‘ever’ lasting imprint of this program
✧ I love the step by step guidance and also the flexibility of working with Natalie
✧ I love Natalie’s clear, no fluff, straight forward and also very sensitive and intuitive vibes
And I love(d) so much more about it that I find it kind of sad that it’s over.
I totally and highly recommend it if you want to get clear on your Business and align it with your Soul! it´s absolutely COSMIC!” 
Ellen Holzschuster, Astrologer

“Working with Natalie has been enlightening and very supportive. She has such a gentle and warm energy about her and I loved the way in which she educated me about my chart from the career standpoint. She also created a Mind Map that really broke down how I express myself best, how I’m meant to do my job, my main role, and when I’m happiest in my profession. It was DEAD ON – completely inarguable! I gained a lot of help in areas that I felt stuck in and I really enjoyed learning what my astrological chart says about my strengths and areas of growth.” ~ Ginger Parker, Crystal Healer & Reiki Practitioner at Nizhóní Soul

>> Read more about Ginger’s experience on her blog here




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