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March 2021: Career Scope for ♍️ Virgo

Who are the people you know you can lean on to catch you when you need help? Like chakras, our “houses” can sometimes get out of balance, and this month the Sun is shining a light on the need to ask for help from others as it moves through your 7th house of Relationships & 1-on-1 Work. Harness the power of the New Moon in your opposite sign of Pisces on March 13 to call in a new romantic relationship or strengthen the one you’re already in. You could begin the search for an assistant, mentor, or business coach as you begin to realize more & more that the strongest people are often the ones who have the most support. If you work with others, you can probably expect to be fine-tuning the how now as well.

That support will become especially important since your ability to make progress in your career also gets a major boost this month. When action planet Mars zips into your 10th house of Career & Higher Calling on March 3, you can look forward to extra powers of concentration to create a career that makes you feel like your best talents, interests, and fascinations are being properly used.

After March 20, your ability to focus on what drives you most also becomes strengthened when the Sun shifts gears into the psychologically probing zone of the 8th house of Business, Finance & Shadow Work. This period can bring up your deeper fears and worries, but it’s all in the name of emotional research. Don’t let the “before” picture keep you from realizing the possibilities that are available in the “after”. In due time, you will get the chance to completely transform your finances and/or another particularly trying area of your life.

Finally, the 28/29 of March brings the Full Moon in Libra. Falling in your 2nd house of Values, Desires & Goal Setting, this is like your manifestation moon and it brings the results from the work you’ve been putting in to raise your vibe high enough to receive some of your biggest desires. On the flip side, a part of you may realize you’ve been doubting some of your dreams too much and are still in need of valuing yourself more and boosting up your self-worth. ✨



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