Level 3: Business Astrology

Learn how to plan, brand, and market your business with the guidance of the stars.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Calculate and decode a business chart to learn the blueprint for your business’ success, its greater potential, and true purpose

  • Learn what the best business model, marketing strategy, and growth plan is for you based on astrology so that your work is an extension of your most authentic self-expression

  • Make business decisions from a place of intuition, play, ease, and flow by working in tune with who you are rather than desperation, frustration, and disconnection

{Completion of Level 1: Decoding Your Birth Chart is suggested, but not required.}


In this course, you will learn the secrets behind planning a successful business using astrology as your guide. Once you’ve found your gifts, it’s time to share them with the world! With inspiring, down-to-earth how-to videos and action-oriented workbooks, you’ll nail down every aspect of your plan to create, brand, and market your own soul-fueled business.

Start the Right Business

How to Calculate a Business Chart

Comparing You & Your Business: Exploring Your ‘Why’

The Sun Sign: Finding Your Business’ Purpose

The Moon Sign: Finding Stability in Your Business

The Rising Sign: Your Brand’s Role & Identity

Mercury: Your Business’ Message

Venus: Your Business’ Values

Mars: Your Business’ Motivation

Jupiter: The Art of Growing Your Business

Saturn: Your Business’ Biggest Challenge

Uranus: How Your Business Stands Out

Neptune: Your Business’ Vision

Pluto: How Your Business Transforms the World

Decoding Your Moon Phase

Find Your Most Motivating Days & Times

The Astrology of Personal Branding with Lexi Smith

Soul Customer Attraction with Leslie Tagorda

Starting a Soul-Aligned Podcast

How to Attract Consistent Customers Like Magic

High-Quality Videos

All of our videos include beautiful, easy to understand visuals, closed captioning, and speed controls to make learning astrology as easy and FUN as possible.


Fill out what you are learning about yourself as you go through your chart in our beautiful digitally fillable PDF workbooks that you can print off or fill out directly on your computer.

Ask Questions

Ask questions about your astrology chart anytime you'd like by posting in our Student Forum, and you'll receive a thoughtful answer from Natalie, your mentor.

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