Level 2: Planning with the Cosmos

Track the energy of the cosmos to plan your projects, reach your goals & manifest your dreams.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Uncover what you are specifically meant to be focusing on right now, in the past, and in the future according to divine planetary timing so you can eliminate distractions and work with the cosmic order instead of against it

  • Track and decode how planetary transits affect us all as a collective so you can have a greater understanding of the current moods & cravings of yourself and others

  • Create your own horoscope or forecast that is more accurate than anything you might read in a horoscope column 

  • Learn simple tools and gather helpful resources to work with astrology in your everyday life & career for maximum ease & flow like calendars, planning worksheets, interpretation cheat sheets, and more

{Completion of Level 1: Decoding Your Birth Chart is suggested, but not required.}


In this course, you’ll learn how to work in tune with the natural cycles of the cosmos which work like clockwork to affect our energy levels and focus in predictable (and forecastable!) ways. You’ll get a real practical sense of how to work with planetary transits to help you work in alignment with the universal energy as well as learn how to look up your own natural rhythms and cycles based on how the planets are affecting your astrology chart specifically.

START HERE: How to Use the Cosmic Forecaster

Working with the Sun Seasons ☀️

New Moon & Full Moon Intention Setting 🌙

Navigating Mercury Retrograde

A Guide to All Planetary Retrogrades: Our Life Review Periods

2024 Plan Your Life + Career with the Cosmos Masterclass

Introduction to Planetary Tracking

How to Look Up Your Own Horoscope

Understanding Planetary Aspects

📝 QUIZ – How well do you know the aspects?

Step 1: Finding Your Monthly Focus

Step 2: New Moons & Full Moons

Step 3: Personal Transits

Step 4: Finding Your Yearly Focus

Creating a Solar Return Chart (a.k.a. Birthday Chart)

Planetary Returns: Our Personal Milestones (Saturn Returns, etc.)

Working with Eclipses in Your Birth Chart with April Elliott Kent

Astrocartography: Planning Where to Live/Work/Travel

Medical Astrology with Angela Hendry

High-Quality Videos

All of our videos include beautiful, easy to understand visuals, closed captioning, and speed controls to make learning astrology as easy and FUN as possible.


Fill out what you are learning about yourself as you go through your chart in our beautiful digitally fillable PDF workbooks that you can print off or fill out directly on your computer.

Ask Questions

Ask questions about your astrology chart anytime you'd like by posting in our Student Forum, and you'll receive a thoughtful answer from Natalie, your mentor.

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All courses receive access to the Cosmic Forecaster!

Living & working in alignment with the cosmos has never been easier. Get the daily astrological forecast and add all of the planetary energies to your own personal Google/iCalendar so you can track them on the go! Great for planning events, meetings, and your passion projects on the best possible days for the next 12 months.


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