Level 1: Decoding Your Birth Chart

Find your cosmic calling by learning how to decode every aspect of your astrology chart!

You are about to discover who you really are, why you’re here, and some ideas on how you can use what you love & are the best at to help others the most! This course is all about finding your cosmic calling so you can better understand the work that you were uniquely born to do.


How can you best work in authentic alignment with your true self? How can you serve others the best with your unique gifts? In this course, we'll go one-by-one through each planet and point on your astrology chart to help you understand how each one contributes to your higher calling and soul mission.

How to Calculate & Read an Astrology Chart


Sun, Moon & Rising 101

The Career Line (MC): Understanding Your Life’s Work

Mercury: Your Mindset & Communication Style

Venus: Your True Values & Desires

Mars: Your Motivation & Drive

Jupiter: Your Greatest Joy

Saturn: Your Biggest Life Challenge

Uranus: What Makes You Different

Neptune: Your Dreams & Ideals

Pluto: Your Soul’s Evolution

📝 QUIZ – How well do you know the planets?

Bringing it All Together: Creating a Mind Map of Your Chart

The North & South Nodes: Growing into Your Greater Potential

Chiron: Unlocking Your Healing Gift

The Part of Fortune: Your Lucky Star

Asteroid Goddesses – Vesta & Pallas Athena

Lilith: Integrating Your Shadow Self with Ashley Michelle

Decoding the Aspects: Tying Together How You’re Wired

Understanding the Degrees of the Zodiac

The Inner Workings of the Zodiac Signs – Part I & II

A Guide to the House Systems

Free Download: Astrological Flashcards

Chart Symbology w/ AstroCalligraphy Sheets

High-Quality Videos

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Fill out what you are learning about yourself as you go through your chart in our beautiful digitally fillable PDF workbooks that you can print off or fill out directly on your computer.

Ask Questions

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