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The Cosmic Calling is a podcast for spiritual entrepreneurs and creative souls on a mission to align their life & career with the cosmos so they can embrace the soul-led work they were always born to do. 💫

As the host of The Cosmic Calling, I aim to interview inspiring guests like you who are clearly doing work they love and living in alignment with their cosmic calling.

I’d love to chat with you about your mission, how you came to do the work you’re doing today, and how you overcame struggles along the way. During the show, we’ll also have a chance to chat about your astrological birth chart so we can bring up some of your unique placements to add an extra layer and use the stars to explain what has drawn you towards this path!

I ask that you come prepared to share some tips based on something you offer as part of your work – or a bite-sized sampling of a subject that you are especially passionate about that relates to your overall mission – to help our listeners take action towards their dream life + career in a soulful yet practical way. (For example, an astrologer talking about working in tune with the moon cycles, a feng shui consultant talking about feng shui for success, etc.)

You are more than welcome to share information about your offerings so that our listeners can take the next step to work with and learn from you as well!

Our listeners make up a mix of spiritual entrepreneurs and those who are simply craving a more soul-led career path with an interest in spirituality, creativity, astrology, personal & career development, and entrepreneurship.


Ready to become my next guest?

Any questions? E-mail me at natalie@soulshineastrology.com.

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